I took a class on Whole Grain Bread last night at Cook’s Warehouse. It was interested, though I thought it would have focused more on the grains and less on the bread-making techniques. (The whole-grain aspect was a demonstration of putting the wheat in the mill and turning it on. Then we used the resulting flour.) Anyway, we formed different kinds of bread shapes with pre-made dough (then made the dough while those loaves rose, since primary rising would take too long.) I ended up with focaccia-shaped, so I put my mad rolling pin skills to work.

Things I learned:

  • focaccia-making includes a bunch of poking at the dough
  • bread is done when it reaches an internal temperature of 200F
  • I can screw up bread, even if someone else makes the dough

Seriously. My bread came out of the oven, the chef tasted it and said “oh, that’s not good.” It tasted fine to me, but the texture was apparently wrong? (I’m not really sure what focaccia’s supposed to be like.) We all thought it would have made a good pizza crust, but preferred the rolls and loaves made with the dough. Oh, well. We thought it might have been the weather and a too-hot final rising spot.

We got a portion of the dough that we made to take home, so I’m hoping the loaf I make with it will turn out as expected.


One thought on “Doughy

  1. focaccia should have a texture more like a “pan” pizza but with more air than a “crispy” pizza. To me it sounds like the yeast hadn’t worked properly – or you just beat it to death with your mad rolling pin skillz.

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