Nice to be back

So, we’re back! We’re back from wedding-land and the honeymoon and we’re both really happy to be back at home. Don’t get me wrong, we both loved the wedding, we loved the lead-up to it, we really had lots of fun on the honeymoon, but we also feel it’s nice to be home and making things happen that have been put on hold for a few months.

Since we got back on Wednesday night, we’ve been cleaning house: moving moldy flowers to the compost, doing laundry, cleaning out bits of stuff stuck in the sink, figuring out where that “smell we may have gotten used to” was coming from, putting back the stuff pulled out in “where is it!?!” packing-crazy. I think we’ve been pretty successful.

One of the surprises that awaited our arrival was the “for sale” sign in our left neighbor’s yard! And the “open house” sign, indicating Sunday as the viewing. So, we decided to help them out today, for purely selfish, “let’s get those comps up” reasons, because we want their house to sell for as much as possible, and living next to the “looks like they’re never home” neighbors isn’t exactly appealing.

To further these goals, we mowed our slightly-neglected yard, raked up the cut grass before it turned to hay, pulled weeds like crazy and pulled down the over-our-yard dangling branches of the dead tree between our houses. Mom had done a ton to get our garden in shape while we were gone: she mulched the front section, put in some blooming flowers, and planted up our large empty pots with a gorgeous display of plants. (I’ve been watering them, don’t worry, Mom.)

It’s not as much as we could have done to improve our yard today, but it’s all we got to after the temperature went down, but before dark. We spent the hotter hours of the day cleaning out cars, disassembling a turbo, sorting out the spices, cleaning the cabinets, rearranging the kitchen, and writing the start of the thank you notes. I’m sure you can guess who tackled what.


9 thoughts on “Nice to be back

  1. The carport was also rearranged to look like we have less junk at our house, the driveway was swept, the burnt out front porch light was replaced, the trash was taken out, the back porch was swept, branches in the back yard were cleaned up, coffee grounds were spread in the garden, the dishwasher was ran again, the dishes were put away, and finally some beer was drank and the web was surfed while relaxing.

  2. All true. In addition! Packing was started for George from the surplus in our kitchen (and the pieces that just don’t work with our equipment, the better-suited-for-one-person cookware, and the bits that she seems to like and use more than we do), and some of the wedding presents were put away into their now-normal positions. Potatoes were dug for, but a swarm of ants prevented further exploration, and rose-garden-bed definition was attempted, but also given up on because of the lack of rain. (This will be reattempted after two consecutive days of rain.) Brats were cooked on the grill, and Top Gear was watched after the beer and wine got drank.

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