Today’s work

We were super-productive again! I started the day off with some bacon corn muffins, which were super-tasty. Even Angus liked them.

Then, I headed to Home Despot for some veggies and a little extra topsoil to mix with the compost. (Price is down to 98 cents/bag, and I didn’t need all that much, I thought.) For plants, I got okra (selected for number of un-broken stems), watermelon (ditto), crookneck squash (picked the one with the most flowers) and eggplant (went for the one with eggplants already growing. We’ll have at least 2!) I also got some wasp killer (tiny backyard nest) and, on a whim, some extra decorative mulch, to expand the bed that Mom had prettied up already.

When I got home, things took a different path. I reclaimed a bunch of the compost from the ants (grrr) and mixed up my topsoil, then planted the okra, eggplant and squash in the bed next to the sidewalk. Wasn’t sure where to put the watermelon. I had thought about putting it in the back yard patch, but that doesn’t get nearly enough sun to grow a ground-hugging vine. So, I started clearing out the middle garden in the front, the large weed-patch that we haven’t been sure what to do with. I really should have taken a before picture, to capture the so-full-of-weeds-ness of it. Best I can do is this picture from last summer, it’s the weed patch on the left side of the picture. Just imagine it with another year’s growth:
More mess

Once I started attacking it, I kept going. I pulled out vines, I ripped up some kind of ground-covering weed, I pulled out dead weeds, I dug up some kind of invading plant that created huge nodes in the ground. Then I edged the garden, to give it a shape. Which got me pulling up grass left and right. And rocks. It almost seems like a previous owner had edged the plot in rocks, which have since been buried. I dug up a lot of rocks.

And then, finally, I got to start mulching! My one little bag of mulch didn’t go very far, so I headed back to home despot for more mulch and a little more cheap dirt, to level out the patch a little. I also picked up a flat of marigolds, so I wasn’t just putting in a mulch plot.

When I got back, it was straigh back to taking out the deepl-ingrained weeds. Holy crap, these things had a hold of the soil and weren’t going without a fight. I think I dup up nearly all that I cleared, first with the large shovel and then, once I realized I could, sitting down with the hand trowel. It wasn’t bad, just time consuming, to dig out each offending plant. (I plan on keeping the lilies and other plants I like, and transplanting some plants not doing so hot from the backyard into the front, because similar plants in the front are thriving.)

So, I dug, I leveled, I planted, I mulched. TCB and I went to Chick-fil-A during that, after he returned from the junk yard and Summit, since all we’d eaten were bacon corn muffins (3 each, Angus had more.) I finished the last of the planting (got my watermelon in this patch!) as the wind picked up and the light started dropping. I watered anyway, just in case the rain I thought imminent wasn’t enough, but got inside and realized that it wasn’t approaching rain that was dimming the lights, it was the rotation of the planet.

I’ll go back to weeding, leveling and mulching tomorrow, which should go much faster, as the bottom portion was definitely more infested with weeds and the top part has plants that I do want to keep. The top part also has some ant colonies in it, which should keep things lively, but I cleared around most of the bad spots already- mostly dead weeds and vines. But I think I made some pretty good progress today, it certainly looks like we might live here and like it.


4 thoughts on “Today’s work

  1. Cute marigolds. Just defining the area will make it neater. You could move the hosta from the back too for more perennial greenery. BTW I used 4-5 2 cu. ft. bags of pine-bark mini nuggets for that little piece in front. Mulching like that uses a bunch o’bags. Not as economical as bringing in a truck load but one can handle it more easily.

  2. I ended up using 4 bags for my area, but leveled it all with dirt, first, which seemed to help the mulch go a smidge farther. I do plan on bringing those hostas around front- the one in front is thriving, the ones in back are so sad. I agree about the bags- it was easy just to get enough for my project for the day and then, when I ran out of supplies, I was done for the day. Done!

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