This weekend, I expanded the garden. Whoo! I got another two rows of flowers put in (including 2 new okra plants, plus transplanting the okra I’d planted previously that wasn’t really doing well next to the house. In its formerly-occupied spot, I put in more squash, as the squash in the next-door spot is flouishing.) In addition, I put in a few new flowers and moved sickly ones to better locations. I don’t have much hope for the sick marigolds, but I’m hoping that moving them to a spot with softer soil will encourage growth (also: added compost.)

I also divided and moved a bunch of daylilies, which should (hopefully) be happier spread out in the new addition. I started moving gladioli around, too, as they were in my new expansion but not part of that plan. The plan for them is to move the to the top of that garden plot, since they’re tall, and move the ones in that garden and the ones in the front yard peppers-and-tomatoes area, too. The problem with this plan is directly related to the logistics: to move the gladioli to their final area, I need to clear the top half of the plot. But the top half has a lot of day lilies in it that need to go into the area that I’m clearing that has the gladioli in it. So, this next section of clearing will likely be the last one, as it needs to happen all at once. I’d hoped to get started on transplanting the sickly back yard hostas around to the front, but with all of the other transplantations, I figured it might be better to wait until other plants are settled.

With this new addition, I can stand at the sink, look out at the garden, and pretend that it’s all completed, since the mulched area goes right up to where the windowsill cuts off my view.


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