Silly yak

This morning, I went to the hospital for a few tests. I’ve been getting some horrible abdominal pain after eating (sometimes) for the last few months. Really, it hasn’t been just the last few months, it’s also been the last few summers, especially after camping. So, I happened to mention it in my annual exam a few months ago, and my doctor was concerned. I thought it might be related to the then-upcoming wedding, she said to try Prilosec for a few months and see if that helped (as my usual cimetadine wasn’t cutting the mustard.)

I did. It got worse.

Not totally worse- the pains did ease up initially, and then went away around the wedding. I wasn’t feeling 100%, but I ate a lot of cheese and had Dr. Enuf, and I was ok. The honeymoon was great- tried a bunch of beers and foods, especially seafoods and interesting grains. Georgia had mentioned Celiac before the wedding, and I noticed that many of my selections in Oregon were on the gluten-free list (including the beer. There was one at Deschutes… so good.)

When I got back, those pains came back with vengeance. I suppose it didn’t help that we had lots of pizza, pasta and beer once we got back, either (we had so much wedding beer left over!) And I started picking out the meals after which I ended up curled up in bed: The pizza we ordered. The spaghetti with store sausage in the sauce that G made. The leftover sausage in a previously-ok pasta sauce that I made. Fried fish. Buttered pasta. Grilled chicken sandwiches. Ranch dressing. The whole wheat brownies (those were the worst offenders.)

I also paid attention to what didn’t hurt: Cheesy rice for breakfast. Some soups for lunch. Cottage cheese. Wine. Tuna salad. Snickers. Turkey pepperoni. (The week that I happened to have pizza for lunch or dinner every day, only turkey pepperoni seemed attractive as a pain-free breakfast option.) Based on this, I cut out the gluten from my diet. TCB helped out, getting gluten-free pizza and beer one night, which was the first night in a while that I didn’t end up curled up in bed. (And, he pointed out that the yearly tummy problems seemed to arrive at the same time the summer wheat beers arrived.) We were all happy! And I’ve stuck to the "G-Free" diet since, except for some deliberate steps off to check on the gluten connection.

So, since the drugs weren’t working but diet was, I went back to my doctor and we both thought that Celiac or some gluten intolerance looked likely, and we could run those tests and just have the one obvious answer, but if a gluten-free diet worked, then stick to it and we’d do other tests to rule out other ailments with similar symptoms, like ulcers and gallbladder problems. I had those this morning, and initial results look good- no ulcers and things are fine. Hooray! Gluten intolerance it is!


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