I like updating with happy news, or accomplishments, but I don’t have as many of those stories as I’d like. I did have a fantastic weekend with Mom and TCB in JC: We made amazing meals from Mom’s garden and on her grill, we hiked on Buffalo Mountain and saw how the burn area is recovering, and we re-packed G’ma Harper’s wedding dress and Great-G’ma Fannie’s dress, too, in boxes for preserving. It was really cool to see them, and a little creepy to see them stuffed and in the boxes, like headless cadavers.

At home, we’re cleaning out the pantry to remove most of the gluten-containing items, like the flour and brans and falafel mixes. I’m really sad that all the falafel mixes had wheat flour in them. And we’re getting things ready for G to move out and make the big switcheroo to using all of our awesome gifts from the wedding. First, we’re trying to catch up on the thank you notes.

In general, I’ve been hitting the wall with this dietary change. Eating gluten-full foods hurts so much that I’d rather not eat than intentionally eat the stuff that makes me want to throw up, but lunches are hard. Breakfast can be even more difficult, unless I have time to really cook something. So, it’s been more snacks in the morning. Dinner’s ok, because we can plan ahead and make a meal, but lunch… if I didn’t make enough dinner, then I have to figure out something else. Amy’s frozen meals are ok, but they add up and start to taste the same after a few days. I can’t just run down to the complex’s cafeteria, since nearly everything is breaded or has soy sauce, and throwing together a sandwich requires that I make the bread first. Going to the grocery is ok, but that’s no different than a frozen meal or a can of soup. Snacks are a must, but I’ve got to figure out something other than pepperoni, cheese, and nut mixes. Yay, protien, but… still. I like to eat different things.

13 thoughts on “Stuff

  1. Homemade Falafel has to be even better that the box mix. I have recipes that substitute rice flour.

  2. Mmm, falafel. I’ve also seen some recipes like that.

    And cake! I’d seen that Betty made some GF cake mixes, and that they’re tasty, but haven’t seen them (or looked for them, really) in the store yet. I’ve also heard that the stores usually, trickily, put them with the “regular” mixes, instead of the pricey “natural” section (or whatever they might call that section with the organic & specialty stuff.) It makes me happy to find GF stuff mixed into the regular items (but only when clearly labeled.)

  3. Tom and I have see many gluten-free items at health food grocery stores here such as Good Foods. Are there any like that in your area? Would you like a GF care package?

    We’ve been getting rice crackers from Costco that are really good. Those or regular rice cakes with jam, an egg on the side, and fruit for breakfast would be nice.

    Have you seen the website There are suggestions for breakfast and other meals. And recipes!

    Fortunately you live in a time when there is awareness of this condition, and there is more thorough labeling of foods.

  4. Oh, man! I had no idea that Costco had a good deal on rice crackers! I like them. (Jeremy does too, but he doesn’t eat them because they’re “mine”. Especially the cheese-flavored ones.)

    Stores: There’a a really great store called Return to Eden ( that not only has a good selection, but everything’s labeled on the shelf according to its GF status, and it’s on my way home from work. Also, some of the Kroger stores have started putting GF shelf labels on some foods in regular sections. I love shopping in the historically-Jewish section of town near me, because the matzo brands are plentiful and gluten-status-labeled.

    I agree about the being fortunate about the recent-ness of figuring this out. Even in the past few months, restaurants have started compiling GF menus and even started offering GF options (like Olive Garden: just started in the last month or two offering a GF pasta dish in addition to their pasta-free dishes.)

  5. Be careful about believing shelf labels at Kroger. Still read the boxes. Our Kroger here has lots of GF items but the shelf labels are not always correct. Kind of random.

  6. Good point. I still check them, but that particular Kroger has been spot-on so far. I haven’t seen the GF labels at other Krogers in the area yet.

  7. How about a bucket (srsly) of GF Chex party mix for snaks that you can dip into for the week? Making pesto & banana bread this evening.

  8. Ooh, that’s a good idea! I might mix some in with the nuts, too.
    I also made some more bread this morning, so I can have some cheese toasties for breakfasts. Maybe I could make some croutons for the mix, too?

  9. I tried a GF recipe I found on the internet. Actually the crusty bit that bubbled over onto the pan beneath were crunchy and tasty but the the ‘bread’ was crumbly and grainy. Took a long time to bake, got bigger and bigger and then collapsed in the middle. I think I will stick with the regular kind or modify this recipe into a cookie/bar.

  10. I was perusing Pioneer Woman’s Tasty Kitchen web site today, and I discovered that she has an entire gluten free category!

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