The Vest

I mentioned on Twitter last night that I was "Breaking out the reflective vest for an evening run. Angus is so excited!" and it was retweeted a few times by other runners. TCB wanted me to mention that it was my brilliant then-fiance who got it for me a couple of years ago when I was waking him up really early a few days a week so I could meet Abby for some walking/running. I was always wearing white t-shirts on top of my running gear, since all of my more-weather-appropriate sweatshirts were dark colors.

He thought that, if I was going to be getting up really early to go out walking and running, I should also be visible and warm so I get to come home from walking and running really early, when most drivers haven’t had their morning coffee yet. Plus, we’d recently gotten engaged and he wanted to get married to me in particular. If that’s not love, not sure what else is.

Angus knows what the vest means: if it’s dark and the vest comes out, it’s definitely running time, not just workout time.


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