More baking experimentation

Last night, after smelling the pizza at work that had been brought in for a user group meeting, I decided that I really wanted pizza, too. And, forseeing a need for pizza, I had ordered a box of 4 pre-packaged gf mixes from Amazon (Bob’s Red Mill variety) a month ago. I wasn’t sure how long this pizza dough would take to make, since I recall timing regular pizza dough with watching a football game- dough gets made and rises during the first half, we rolled it and sauced it and topped it during halftime, and ate around the start of the 4th quarter. So, getting home at 8:15 had me concerned for time, but I knew TCB wouldn’t be home for another hour, anyway.

This dough was easy! I just put the water and yeast in my mixer bowl for a few minutes, added the oil and egg, stirred, then in went the mix, stir some more. (I also added some rosemary into the mix.) Cover with plastic wrap, let rise for 20 minutes or so!

I had planned on spreading out the dough on the pizza stone for this experiment, but the method of spreading this dough is a little different. Instructions are basically “dump the dough on the well-greased surface, spread it out with wet hands.” I had dumped the dough onto a non-stick cookie sheet, and immediately realized that transferring the spread dough to the hot pizza stone wasn’t going to happen- I’d have to spread the dough directly onto the hot stone, and that wasn’t going to happen on my first attempt at this. The dough spread out nicely, as long as my hands were still wet, and I made a beautiful crust with raised edges. I baked it for about 10 minutes, as instructed. Even took a picture.

Then, I added toppings, baked for another 20 minutes, and at the end, a picture-perfect pineapple and pepperoni pizza came out of the oven. No pictures of this, we dove right in! Tasted like pizza, certainly no complaints from TCB! I liked adding the rosemary into the crust, and I might add more herbs and/or garlic powder to it next time I make it. This dough was definitely a success, and it was much easier and much faster to make than I had expected.


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