Beeping and bathrooms

Last night, we went to a cookout baby shower and had a good time. We got home, had some chips & salsa, played some Wii, had some tea and went to bed.

About 6am, we were awake. TCB wasn’t feeling so hot and was hitting up the bathroom. I had a headache starting, and it felt like it was going to be a bad one. I wasn’t happy about either situation, because we were both looking forward to going to my cousin’s baptism in the morning. But TCB kept getting worse, and my headache started getting worse- the edges of the world started closing in, and light hurt my head even more. Laying down hurt, moving hurt, standing hurt, walking around hurt and I felt like throwing up. I also started seeing colors- mostly yellow and purple, very weird.

And then… with my headache, I started to get the same unhappiness-in-the-pants that TCB was already experiencing. I have to say, we were both happy to have two clean bathrooms, and I was really happy about the new giant, fluffy bathmat in the upstairs bathroom. It’s big enough to lay down on, and that’s exactly what I did for a few hours with a blanket over my head.

While I was starting to feel more sick, I started hearing a beeping in the bathroom. I looked around, went into other rooms, and couldn’t figure out the source. TCB got up and started looking once he heard it (couldn’t hear it in the bedroom.) We found it in a bathroom drawer- the battery in our thermometer was dying. TCB disassembled it.

Eventually, I felt confident enough in my body to move downstairs to the couch. By then we’d missed the baptism. I woke an hour later to beeping. Loud, infrequent beeps. TCB and I started hunting down the beeping again: this time, the smoke detector had complaints. The upstairs hallway wired-into-the-house-electricity smoke detector. Yeah. The back-up batter was dead. So, TCB disassembled it.

We both seem to have mostly recovered from last night’s adventure, spending most of the afternoon on the couch, playing video games, definitely helped, and we got a few things finished this evening in preparation for the coming week. We still haven’t figured out what took us out last night and we haven’t talked to any other partygoers to see if they had the same symptoms. Based on the limited menu I had to choose from at the party, and the minimal overlap of food choices, we’re thinking it was either the mini-hamburger patties at the party or the salsa once we got home.

The headache… I’m still not totally sure what the cause was, and I’ve gotten them before, almost always in the middle of the night. Might have been caffeine-related, since I hadn’t had much on Saturday or Friday, but I’ve quit for weekends before without the headaches. Might have been from fumes in the house from TCB baking engine parts to cure paint, but we used the oven tonight without incident. Not sure, but I’d like to figure it out- I don’t think I can take another one of those headaches in the near future.

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