Wedding Weekend #2

This weekend! On an island! A Wedding!

Abby & Sydney’s wedding is this weekend! Hooray! Half of Team Bride is getting married all in one weekend! It’s all gearing up- I went over on Tuesday to drop off my dress, so it would be included in the massed hanging bag (to reduce luggage overall), and volunteered for kitten wrangling duty while Abby & Syd wrapped presents. It was lovely to hold a sleeping kitten again. Hooray for kittens!

Yesterday, I was on the hunt for dress tape (upstairs, by the sewing machines at the Buckhead Target.) I also ran some other necessary, secret errands for the happy couple, and helped with finishing crafts. One of the tasks (done by someone else) was typing up their karaoke list, but not all the cds also listed the performing artist, so we, as a group, played “name that singer” with the karaoke music. ‘Twas awesome, especially when we just made up the words. Also: kitten wrangled.

Today, I headed to work early to get on the road to Sapelo early in the car of Groom. (TCB will be following tomorrow, since he has a super-top-secret-required presentation at school in the morning, from which he has been given permission to leave early, even though the whole thing is only an hour and a half.) We stay in Darien tonight, then catch the 8:30 am ferry over to Sapelo, where the getting-ready will begin! Probably no kitten wrangling on the trip, though.

I’m looking forward to this weekend, looking forward to seeing my friends get all hitched and stuff, and also, kind of, looking forward to sharing a sleeping wing with baby Camden (who, I’ve heard, has been practicing staying up all night drinking). Should be a good time!


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