I’m trying

I’m trying to chill the f out. I know that I haven’t been entirely happy with my jorb, and I know that I’ve been waiting until all the happily required travel this summer/fall to start looking for a new jorb, and that this layoff has just forced my hand a little sooner that I’d expected, but I’m still, this weekend, having a hard time of thinking about this as a 2-week paid vacation, with semi-paid vacation afterward.
I really don’t see this as all bad, I see that as a potential opportunity for some awesome (though, if you are in need of a flex/flash programmer with extensive knowledge in working with Eclipse and also knows coldfusion/another scripting language, lemme know), but I’m having a hard time divorcing myself from the “gotta have a job!” mentality and the “Maybe you should like what you do!!!” mentality.

Trying to make the weekend a “chill the fuck out” moment, and make myself enjoy it, because it’s not lost time if I do or don’t.

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