So, not much going on here. I’m still job hunting, though I did finally register with the Dept. of Labor, so I’m going to be living off the Man for a little while. Hopefully, I can pick up some contract work (or a full-time job) to make things a bit less stressed around here. Our cable went out, so we’ve been playing a lot more games at night, working puzzles together and playing more video games together, which has been pretty awesome, though we didn’t really like that we missed the ANTM and PR finales in one week. Ok, maybe just I missed seeing the ANTM finale, but still. Boo, timing.

But yay, more doing things together! Since TCB has been pretty bummed about his dissertation stuffs (the last reader on the paper is dumb, but has that piece of paper that says she knows everything, so what she says goes for a revision and defense delay, even if another, higher reviewer is the expert in what she disagrees with, still has to be totally rewritten and sent back out to committee to be rewritten again), he’s been at the machine shop most days, and when we get together at night, it’s been a lot of “I did stuff on the truck engine!” and “I cleaned some stuff and ran!”, so playing games together has been great. I’ve especially enjoyed the Scrabble games. And especially especially enjoyed the games since our bedtimes are now based on when we’re tired, not on when I have to get up, so that pre-bedtime reading and discussion is usually not happening. Yeah. In short, I like playing the board games.

P.S. Anybody in need of a really great Flex/Flash (actionscript 2&3)/ColdFusion developer that’s also awesome at picking up extra programming languages and likes the artsy part of development? Let me know, please.


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