Chili invasion

Today, Abby and I made awesome chili for the folks at Dad’s Garage doing the tech rehearsal for Invasion: Christmas Carol. She found a recipe that is, appareantly, the world’s best vegetarian chili, and then we added meat to part of it, and more spice to part of that. In the end, we had 3 batches, ranging from least to most spicy. Least and most spicy had meat, least spicy had beer in it (makin it a non-option for me.) It was cool, because I like some heat and I helped spice those two that I could, making the veggie chili medium spice to the other meat chili’s hot spice (included japalenos, so the spice was more than the chili powder.) I really liked the veg chili and the spicy chili mixed together- perfect amount of spice for me!

The cast gobbled it up, it seemed to be really appreciated. I know Abby and I each had a few bowls after working on it all afternoon without snackage. Also, I learned that avacado on chili is pretty tasty. (Not something I would have put together: I need to use avacado more in my cooking, I forgot how tasty it can be!)

Just for AB fan-boy Dad: Lucky Yates is in the show, and he thought our chili was fantastic; came back for seconds on the spicy stuff.


One thought on “Chili invasion

  1. You guys are truly angels of the theatre. Hint for next time: chocolate in the chili – pretty yummy too.

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