• Our DirecTV thing is out again. It had been not picking anything up, so they came out and, as TCB says, “replaced everything except the wire in the walls.” Now, it’s just not picking up HD, and keeps dropping, then finding, satellite signals. They’re considering it part of the same problem, elevated our complaint, and will be out here in the next day and a half.
  • My Singer 2932 uses plastic class 15 bobbins. It’s not in the manual, it’s not on the Singer website, it’s not on the bobbins that came with the machine, it’s not on the parts list from Singer. I found the info (after at least hour of online research and a trip to Hancock’s) on SewVacDirect’s website, in the product listing. Using class 66 bobbins causes jams.
  • We put up lights outside for the first time. It’s exciting. Most of our cul-de-sac put them up, too. We’re so festive!
  • I’ve been very busy with my sewing machine! I made a new front door curtain and some door snakes. I’m hoping to get ahead on baby shower gifts next, since it seems that nearly everyone we know is reproducing.
  • I really need to find some tights for cold-weather running. Ran just a few miles on Saturday and nearly froze my knees off. With a Holiday Tour of Indiana coming up, running is only going to get colder.

5 thoughts on “Notes

  1. For a doorsnake? For you? Probably a few old shirts/towels destined for the rag bin, some needles for the sewing machine, and company while stuffing the snake.

  2. I stuffed them with old, worn out t-shirts and other underclothes, some scraps from other projects, the unused part of the pants. The one for the door we use most also has rocks in the tail and a string, so we can pull it shut with the door when we leave.

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