State of the Union

It’s been 6 months! Time for a state of the Union!

Address: We’re still married! If the first year is the hardest year, then we’re braced for worse. In the last 6 months, I got laid off, TCB was told to re-write his dissertation (proposal, which is the Big Presentation in his group, the dissertation defense is more of a formality), and the crank shaft in the truck broke. And I had some awesomely fun tests at the hospital, leading to the conclusion that I’m gluten intolerant at best.

We weathered the dissertation disappointment fairly well- TCB rewrote the proposal after much defense that the proposal was fine, the committee member didn’t know what happening in her own subject, all of which TCB addressed by writing a remediation in the proposal for that member. He got the re-write back out to them before the holiday break with 11 Jan as the deadline to get back to him, and, of course, the most aforementioned awesome member hadn’t even looked at it yet.

Being laid off: it wasn’t too bad during the holidays. We got to visit more family than originally planned, for longer than planned, but had to shorten our trip because of an interview. Boo. And then had to postpone the continuation of that because of more interviews. Boo, not seeing family, but yay, interviews! Other than that, it’s been a little fun living off The Man; I feel like I’m getting some of my paycheck back, albeit at a lower rate than paid on my behalf.

The crank… that’s been an issue. TCB’s been working hard on it since it happened in September, even moreso with the dissertation disappointment.

We’re still learning about food, but seem to be getting pretty good with figuring out what I can and cannot eat. It seems like the biggest thing I’m missing out on is convenience. We’ve been trying to try new prepackaged foods, and have had some success and some failures. (Some unusual sausages, fine! Archer Farms tamales, not good.) It’s also sometimes difficult to go out to eat, but since we haven’t been doing much of that recently, it hasn’t been much of an issue.

It hasn’t all been bad in the last 6 months. We had a fantastic time at Abby & Sydney’s Sapelo Island Wedding. Everything was gorgeous, from the people to the ceremony to the weather to the hospitality. And we had a fantastic honeymoon to Portland and the Oregon coast (we’re looking forward to returning in the near future.) We also got to meet our friend’s and neighbor’s new children and pets, all of whom have been and continue to be adorable.

Looking forward, things seem brighter for the second half of year 1. The second half of this first year started with me receiving and accepting a job offer to be an IT Developer at an Atlanta-based, orange home improvement company. The truck’s engine is nearly finished (and by nearly, I mean that it needs to go back into the truck.) TCB’s coordinating his committee to get a group meeting. I’ve been finding other GF people and sharing foods and recipes and beer (we brewed a raspberry-honey rice-based beer. It’s pretty good. Might not hold much of a head, but it’s definitely well-carbonated, and nearly 7%. It’s also pink and slightly sweet, but not overly-sweet.)

Most of all, we’re looking forward to seeing what the future holds in store for us. I think these next 6 months will be even better.


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