Running around

Last week, while at Dad’s, I came down with a horrible cold. Terrible. Awful. Just flattened me. I mostly stayed on the couch, slept, and ate soup for nearly a week. Needless to say, it put a pretty big crimp in my half-marathon training. Two weeks out, and I’m still feeling the effects of that cold- mornings, I can’t breathe well until after a few hot cups of tea and a shower, and if I get too cold during the day, it feels like everything freezes up again.

I do have to say, I am definitely well-hydrated after this.

But, I’ve got to get back on track with training. I had a false start at the beginning of this week, where I thought I was well enough to run again, but my body shut that down pretty quickly. Since it’s been warm in the ATL the past few days, I’ve been walking with the neighbor, then running afterward, which was my long-run-day plan before getting sick. It gets me warmed up, and increases the milage on those days, even if it’s walking. (example: We walk 2 miles, then I go run my planned 5. I’m moving for 7, even though my running plan is only 5 for the day.)

I had 2 good running days this week and I’m hoping for one more this weekend, if the weather cooperates. If not, then maybe some strength training will replace running days. I’m not sure how the new job’s going to impact training, but I do know my mid-afternoon runs will disappear, so I want to get all the miles in I can in the next week.


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