TCB though he’d be the first to break a wedding present.

When we left to visit Mom this weekend, I washed a bunch of dishes, glasses, knives and plastic containers. I left them on the drying towel next to the sink.

We returned to find glass all over the floor. Clearly, the cat had jumped up onto the counter (as she usually does when we’re gone, looking for that mousie, still. I’ve really cleaned it many times, she keeps wanting to inspect the “death” spot.) In the process of jumping up, she knocked over the fancy wine glass that I’d cleaned. How she managed to avoid the knives, I’m unsure. But she knocked over the glass that TCB has been avoiding using because he didn’t want to be the first to break one (which I think is silly. We have it, let’s use it!)

I’m hoping the cat’s misbehavior will lead to TCB using the wine glasses from the wedding, because they’re really nice.


4 thoughts on “First

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  2. I hope it’s just a baptism, and the rest of everything will be fine. I mean, he was the first to slice himself with presents, and nobody’s sliced themselves seriously since. So I’m hoping that, since Crax broke a something, everything else will be fine.

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