Srsly, wtf.

I’ve been trying to enjoy my last week of relative unemployment. It’s a little full of errands that I/we have been putting off (like changing our names), but it’s been fine, and I like that the free time has a little sense of that urgency back that the first month of unemployment had.

But, I’m still recovering from that freaking cold and the newest problem? Massive facial breakout. I don’t know when I’ve ever had my face break out this badly. It’s all over my cheeks, all over my chin, all over my forehead (though next to my eyebrows.) Gr. Not my nose, as it usually is after a cold.

I’d been washing my face more often than usual, up until the cold, when I started washing it (lightly, with the gentler soap), every day. Then, I went back to my usual washing schedule (still every day, but one day with an exfoliating, clearing scrub wash one day, and the gentler, redness-clearing wash the next. And occasional extra stuff, like yogurt. I used to use oatmeal, but it seemed to do little to nothing, or even be less effective than simply rinsing with water.)

And now? Total breakout. I’ve gone back to the gentler wash, but will have to get more soon, since it’s nearly out. Not sure if it’s more allergen/autoimmune fun, stress, immune depression or something else.

Any remedy/product that’s worked well for you?


6 thoughts on “Srsly, wtf.

  1. It almost sounds like an allergic reaction. Keep on with the calming wash and make sure all your pillow cases and towels are clean. No scrubbing. Makes me hurt just thinking about it.

  2. I love plain honey for my face. It’s too sticky/messy for the sink, so I just use it once a day in the shower, and then use my regular calming wash the other time.

  3. Calming wash- check. Will have to look for more, I didn’t see it on my most recent trip to the grocery (I think the drugstore’s more likely to have it.)

    I’m also going to give honey a try.

  4. Mash a tomato up and put it on your face. Then Moisturize. Or use pomelo rind and rub it on your face.

  5. hmm… ok. I’ll try those on a Friday night. For now, I’m heading to Clinique for some more liquid face soap. I found a small one in a sample bag and my face has calmed down (even with the addition of makeup to the routine), so now that it’s empty, I’m heading out to find a bonus sale at a Clinique counter near me.

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