Dear Ted, I want fry pile equality

I like the food at Ted’s Montana Grill. Really, I do. But the last three experiences dining there makes me wonder if I want to go back again.

Used to, we’d go in, get pickles, get more pickles, order, get our tasty food, and be outta there with a happy feeling. Since dining there with Lisa just before the wedding, we haven’t been especially happy.

The first time back after the weddings (and after me going gluten-free, and suggesting Ted’s based on knowing that their fries are GF), we went with Dad, Kathy, George and Sus-babe, and I got poisoned. I ordered off the GF menu, I was really happy to have so many choices, I was happy eating most of my food- the fry pile was huuuge- and then, as I was starting to feel not-so-happy eating (though not full), I got to the bottom of the fry pile, where I discovered an onion ring. Awesome. I felt like poo, Dad and Kathy were heading out of town, I have no idea how their packing up and leaving went- I was concentrating on not barfing. I recovered enough to go to YDFM with Sus-babe that night (I was mostly concentrated on getting home, though), and we got a bunch of coupons to Ted’s to compensate for them poisoning me. (When they took the plate back to the kitchen, I heard an all-staff meeting where they severely questioned everyone about who had plated the meal, why this was unacceptable, and someone may have been suspended. Made me feel more confident about coming back, but I didn’t understand why I was the only patron of the whole table to get this “bonus” of an un-ordered side. It almost seemed deliberate.)

The next time we went, we went with Jo Ann, George and her BF. They ordered off the special dinner menu, TCB and I had regular entrees, and we wanted to use one of the coupns they’d given us ($10 off 2 entrees.) And… they nearly didn’t let us use it, because they quibbled about what we’d ordered (saying we’d only gotten 1 entree and 2 special menus, when the bill was 2 entrees and 1 special menu.) It was a lot of trouble to use the Ted’s-issued coupon, and we had the same waitress as last time, when I’d gotten them for the poisoning. Ugh. With so much trouble over using their own coupons, I really didn’t want to try using one again. Or go back.

But… I had a coupon that I’d bought that I wanted to use. Yeah, $10 off $20, the same as those other coupons, though this one had a price minimum (easily met with 2 entrees, add a side salad to both.) But I paid for it, damnit! I gotsta use it before it expires! So, I took TCB there for his birthday yesterday. And, of course, the food was a problem. I asked for the gluten-free menu when we ordered our drinks (almost immediately after being seated.) Our drinks came and the menu… it took a while. I really just wanted to see it to make sure nothing had changed, but still. We finally ordered, and our salads were fine, though they seemed to take a long time. A table that ordered their drinks after us got their appetizers and food before we did. And their main food order was correct! My bunless burder came with a bun, so I sent it back. TCB’s wasn’t quite what he thought it would be, though it was what he ordered. My re-make, though it came with lots of apologies and manager visits, took forever. TCB finished his meal before mine arrived.

And! Most disappointing! The fry pile was halved. Srsly. There was a huuuge fry pile on my first burger, the one with the bun. And there was a huuuge fry pile with TCB’s burger. And there was a tiiiny fry pile with the bunless burger. I noticed that my fry pile was tiny the last time we were there and TCB’s was big (the time with the bill quibble), but thought that was an anomoly. This time… tiiiny fry pile with the bunless burger, and very seemingly on purpose. Sure, I could see through it to make sure that there were no hidden onion rings at the bottom but, Gr. Just because I don’t want the bun anywhere near my plate doesn’t mean I don’t want the same number of fries! No to buns! Yes to fries!

So, I’m unsure if we’re going to give them our business again, even with the bunch of coupons we still have from the poisoning. It feels like more of a hassle to eat there on one of our few nights out than using a coupon might possibly be worth. Wendy’s and Atlanta Chick-fil-A locations are so much easier.


4 thoughts on “Dear Ted, I want fry pile equality

  1. I did. They gave me a survey, and I indicated that I was displeased with the amount of time it took, the corectness of my order, and the disparity in the fry pile size.

  2. My suggestion is to call/email corporate. site has contact information. I would think your blog entry would be some added leverage.

    I have found calling or emailing corporate helpful in the past with major hotel problems when the in-house hotel manager would not respond and with various product problems. If Ted’s is concerned about keeping its loyal customers happy (and healthy), corporate should respond.

  3. Maybe Ted’s is bigger to the point they don’t care, but I know if we get a bad review, Chuck emails or calls the person to try to get them back in with a better experience. I think Ted’s is not busy enough and too costly to be ignoring your comments. Bleh.

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