Since going gluten free, I’ve discovered that I like a lot more foods. Clarification: It’s not that I disliked the foods, it’s just that I didn’t like them enough to make them, order them, or buy them. I haven’t tried every food I previously avoided, mostly because I didn’t realize I was avoiding them.

For example: waffles. They just didn’t do it for me before. I didn’t buy them, I didn’t order them, and I defintiely didn’t make them. Though I had great memories of having Eggo waffles at Grandpa Harper’s house (with Hungry Jack syrup out of the microwave), I just didn’t want to eat them- they didn’t make me happy to eat. And then, I noticed that Van’s GF waffles were on sale at the grocery (post-recall, of course) and got a box.

Hooray, waffles! I like waffles! They’re great with good syrup, they’re good with butter, they’re good with peanut butter, they’re good with jam, they’re even better with Mom’s homemade jam (and jelly, especially the stuff that didn’t set well), and they’re good plain. Trader Joe’s GF waffles aren’t good, though they have a really good non-sale price, but it’s because they’re so plain and blah, not because they make me unhappy when I eat them.

Another example: spaghetti. I did. not. like. spaghetti. I wasn’t sure if it was too many soccer team spaghetti dinners (I always played like crap after them) or too many burnt-spaghetti sorority dinners (I started avoiding them by senior year and just loaded up on the salad that always seemed to accompany the spaghetti.) I don’t know that TCB and I ever had a spaghetti dinner where we ate the same noodle until I went gluten-free (same sauce, we just made different noodles. It was a pain, and TCB usually would make spaghetti when I wouldn’t be home for dinner.) I generally preferred tofu noodles or buckwheat, but definitely not regular, plain spaghetti. Now? We both like corn spaghetti. Is tasty.

Not every gluten-filled food has this story. I still don’t like hard pretzels. Bleh.


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