Day 1!

First day of the new job was interesting. I mean, I got up early, got to work at the requested 8:30, and got a small tour of the floor before most everyone else got there. That, I kind of expected.

On the tour, I noticed that the guy in the cubicle across from me had pictures of dogs, a black one that looked like Angus and a smaller brown one (with a race bib!) I thought, “This looks like a cool person to know! He clearly runs with his dogs, I can’t wait to talk to him.” And then he showed up, went to a meeting, and came back upset. It wasn’t hard to figure out why when someone soon showed up with boxes and he started packing up. (He was gone before lunch.) I saw several cubicles packed into identical boxes. It was weird to come home and see articles like this on my first day of work.

Anyway, the rest of the day was about what you might expect: my computer’s not in yet, my name’s wrong on most stuff (my middle initial is not “S”), the folks I met were nice, I have a badge with my picture (and correct name), I reviewed an application that’s getting deployed soon, and had lunch at my desk. (Haven’t really figured out the deal with lunch- not sure if people usually sit at their desk and eat or if they congregate somewhere.)

Some of the folks in my group gave me a mini-tour of the facilities, but I’m looking forward to Monday’s orientation, to learn more about the extra services in the building complex and be able to take full advantage of them.

I sort of felt like I putzed but, considering I borrowed a computer and my accounts aren’t all set up yet, I also feel like I did something. I did like getting out so early, since I arrived so early. I didn’t have that feeling like I was sneaking out, as I did with smaller companies. I was done with my day, so I left!


3 thoughts on “Day 1!

  1. I had totally forgotten what a first day is like at a large company. I’m so used to showing up and getting immediately thrown into a project at a small company, that this is almost like in-office personal days!

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