I’m clearly not used to the pace of corporate progamming. I was given 3 days to do something that I would have been allowed an hour to do at my last job.

I also had written a long post about this, but just saved the title, but nothing else. It published it, but only the title. Yay.

So, I had a much longer timeline than expected, so I finished this task in my usual time, which was about 45 minutes and then added some proofing. And then, because I had time to proof it, I made my demo work. And… pretty much, I brought the awesome. I hand-coded it all up in html, linked the screens together, and created documentation for the programmer who will implement it. It’s the least I could do, since he’s in training all this week and I’m in class the next. I’ve used our back-end language before but haven’t used it in a few years, so I don’t “know” it. I’m looking forward to the refresher course (expect it to be a bunch of review, since I already know how to program stuff)

So, 3 days to make the demo, shoed it to my boss today, will show it to the store rep. that asked for the functionality tomorrow, and hopefully, the division pres. by friday. And then I’ll package up the demo and documentation for the other programmer working on this to do while I’m in training. Looking forward to when enough stuff is rolling that I can get things moving! Though, I hear I’ll be redoing this whole interface in Flex anyway, so it’s good that I’m diving into this system and making/thinking about some improvements now.


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