Since this Friday is TCB’s dissertation proposal defense and because this is the “big deal” presentation, where refreshments are encouraged (not a system I agree with, but we just have our eyes on the exit now, so we’ll play their game), I’ve been figuring out what to bring. I don’t want to bring anything that I can’t eat, for the simple reasons of a) I don’t want to deal with making it and b) I don’t want it in our house if there are leftovers. Since this presentation is at 1pm, I thought some snacky finger foods reminicent of light day camp lunch would be appropriate, and I wouldn’t have to bring utensils:

  • Brownies
  • Chex mix
  • Something else


I tried out this black bean brownie recipe, and was pretty darn happy with it! (I used heaping measurements of the cocoa powder and the coffee, and Abby & Sydney provided independent taste-testing opinions.) I did want a little more depth in the cocolate flavor, though, so I’m thinking of adding chocolate chips to some of the final batches. Overall, great texture, good taste, and would be fantastic with ice cream.

Chex Mix:

I’m thinking of making this chili & garlic + parmesan mix, and maybe cut back on the garlic a little. My second choice is a ginger-honey crunch mix, but I’m really leaning toward the first, since I already posess all the ingredients besides the cereal.

Something else:

Wild card! I’d like to make something with an easily-identifiable protien (though the other two aren’t protien-free, especially the brownies.) Any suggestions? The two criteria are: cheap, can make a day or two ahead of time. And, of course, gluten free and finger food, making a total of four criteria. Bonus criteria: colorful and served at room temperature. My ideas are: edemame or carrots, but I’m not really into transporting much of anything that needs to be kept at a temperature since I don’t know when we’ll be getting it out of the house or back home to refrigeration (unless it can be heated in a crock pot and is so tasty that we will have no leftovers.)


5 thoughts on “Snacks

  1. I thought the pork rinds would go with the black bean brownies. Another idea: Hummus is kind of pale but I don’t see why you couldn’t bring veggies to go with it – carrots, cauliflower/broccoli, and green beans don’t have to be refrigerated really – or the rinds.

  2. They’re loaded with fat but around here an old stand-by is the Little Smokies in BBQ sauce appetizer. These can be done in a crockpot. Use bottled sauce or make your own. A bit of grape jelly in the sauce is tasty.

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