2010 ING Half Marathon: The day before

I couldn’t sleep. The cat pranced around on me at 5 and I never got back to sleep. At 6, I moved to the couch, but I wasn’t asleep by 7, my intended waking time, so I went off to my 9am oil change a bit tired. Then, I met Georgia for lunch at Marlow’s and afterward, we headed down to the race expo to pick up my number and check out the booths. Happily, Larabar was there again, so we grabbed some sample-sized bars (the perfect size for pre-race, I think. 2-3 bites, nothing left over.) We got some other samples, and headed out so that G could be back in time for work. When I got home, I did a short run with my neighbor to loosen up my legs and to try out the race shirt (also: my other running shirts were dirty or reserved for the next day.)

Finally, I had a great steak and potato pre-race diner, expertly grilled by TCB. I was still hungry, so some ice cream topped it all off.

I laid out my running outfit and washed my rain jacket. (I’m amazed at how bad it can smell after a run.) I packed a bag for TCB to bring, complete with jeans for me, granola bars and candy for anyone who might be in the car, camera and sign. I’d loaded my marta card with an extra trip the day before and I taking everything I was wearing on the run, so I didn’t pack a bag for me to check. I figured I could take my phone with me or I could leave it in a friend’s check bag. I tried to get to bed early, but after all I needed to do, I ended up in bed about the same time as on a usual weeknight.


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