2010 ING GA Half Marathon: The day of

I was surprised to be really anxious again. I thought that last year, with everything so new, was the end of the jittery-tummy, shaky-hands anxiety. But no, it was back this year. It was tough getting some food in my belly before meeting Caleb & Lindsay at Marta, but I had some juice, water, half a Larabar and half a Dr. Enuf. And half a package of GU Chomps in my jacket. I knew that Gatorade would be offered at the water stations, so I didn’t feel the need to bring a whole lot of nutrition with me. TCB drove me to the station, the train arrived quickly, and we were off! The three of us met another runner in Lindsay’s program, hit the bathrooms and then headed to bag check (I stashed my phone with Caleb’s bag.)

Caleb headed off to the front corrals, and the rest of us headed to the back. Like last year, I got there as the National Anthem was sung and headed int the corrals after the ropes dropped. Meh. With the rest of the crowd pushing forward, I moved up to the 2:30 pace group, then got ahead of them, since I heard them discussing walk breaks and walking was not in my half marathon race plan this year. It was warm in the corrals, so I took off my rain jacket and tied it around my waist.


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