Clue: gotten

For the last 5 years now, Team Trogdor has participated in “Get A Clue,” an Atlanta-wide scavenger hunt based out of the GT band. We started playing with Abby’s brother was on Game Control and have continued to play it since, even though our connection with the Tech band is pretty tenuous: some of us were in band, and one member goes to Tech, though was not in the band while at Tech. This year, our Tech member (TCB, of course) was unable to participate, since he had to be at the Academy of Management conference, being held in Atlanta.

This year, highlights included:

  • “It looks like a 6. With hair on it!” (In reference to highlighting points on a map that should have drawn out the number 6, but in fact just looked like a scatterplot.)
  • Calling Kathy and having her play a piece of music for us on the piano. We eventually guessed that it kind of sounded like “RamblinWreck,” and called it in, after looking up what the song was supposed to sound like, and the sheet music.
  • A “physical challenge” game played in a building courtyard on campus that involved zombies dancing with each other. Once we got our player through the maze, we had to make toast and use the symbols on the toast to figure out the answer to the clue. They also gave us some labeled vials of our “blood.”
  • Exploring downtown Decatur’s historical signs and artifacts.
  • Finding out that Figo Pasta has gf pasta on the menu.
  • Using science! We put the “zombie testing powder” into the vials of our “blood” (that smelled strongly of vinegar) to find out who had been infected. They all fizzed, so  we concluded that we were all infected, or something had gone wrong with the science (the clue indicated that only one would react.) Apparently, they had intended for only one vial to react, so they were going to only fill one with vinegar, but then the smell was a giveaway. So they decided to pre-react some of them, but since they did that days in advance, they all still reacted when we tested them.
  • Finishing before 2am! The first team finished around 11:30, and we checked in around 1:15, 1:30, the 9th or 10 team to do so (out of 21).
  • We felt like most of these used ciphers in the book, but not so much with engineering skills.
  • Also this year, many of the clues just started with the name of the location instead of “your next clue is…” or “Go to…” or some other leading text. This way, we were able to just get the first few letters and guess what it referred to by what we knew was nearby. Bonus for our team.
  • We only took the “give us the answer” option once, on a 4-page nonogram clue that first spelled out “Bonjour Marietta” and then made a picture that looked like the big chicken when we were halfway done with it (top half). So, we called that in to guess and were met with “not even close.” Then we took the answer for a 20-minute penalty. Had we completed the picture, it would have looked like Buzz with a beret, and from that, we were supposed to get “Le Buzz,” a gay bar in Marietta. We felt like it was worth our while, since finishing the puzzle and figuring it out would have costed us more than 20 minutes.
  • Though the end was a little anti-climactic (we just had to find a guy in a parking lot), it was nice not to have to find the party and to avoid it wholesale.
  • Posable figures of our two missing teammates: “That Guy” and The Humble One (TCB and Sydney), made by Overachiever (Lindsay)
  • It was pretty amazing to get home well before 2am.

2 thoughts on “Clue: gotten

  1. Team unity. Or something. The “winners” (the team that finishes first) get to host the game the next year. The Winners finish second.

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