Lunch & running

So, at my job, we had orientation at the corporate office for a day, then we went and worked in a store for a day (it wasn’t really “working,” more of a “working experience,” though I did learn how to mix paint.) For the Store Experience, we were divided into small groups and were assigned an orientation store close to us (I ended up in Buckhead with 2 guys and 2 other women from the orientation class.) Because we didn’t have much to do, we chatted a bunch, the three women.

A few weeks ago, I kept running into one of them at lunch. I mean, every day- she was going to lunch, or returning from it, and I was doing the opposite, so we decided that we’d just go have lunch together. Predictably, we never saw each other again. I wanted to email her, but I didn’t know her last name and couldn’t even remember her first, so couldn’t look her up in the directory, and continued my usual “sit outside by myself and take a full table for lunch” plan. I do get a little jealous of the folks that meet for lunch everyday, even from different departments. Having lunch with people just makes my day much more pleasant.

Today was no exception, but I wanted to get a coke and reheat my tasty leftovers from lunch with TCB yesterday. (I really liked going to meet him for lunch without guilt that I was taking too long. I got to work early! I had no emails when I returned! Nobody said anything about noticing me taking a longer lunch! They probably assumed I was in a meeting!) On my way to reheat my lunch: My lunch friend!  So, I sat with her and we exchanged last names (and first names, we were both a bit embarrased to ask.) She apparently also eats alone at lunch and is envious of the lunch-meeters. So, hooray! There may be fewer lonely lunches in the future for both of us.


Neighbor N and I have been doing some running after I get home from work, about once a week. She has a 9-month-old son, and when he comes with us in the jogging stroller, I usually push him. It’s a really fantastic workout.. I hadn’t pushed him for nearly a month because of schedule conflicts, running without him, and the ING half taper, so pushing him last night was a surprise: he’s definitely put on some weight in the last month! He’s about average now at 23 lbs, he’d been a bit behind the curve before, stemming from arriving 6 weeks early. I didn’t think that just adding a just a little weight to the well-running stroller would make such a difference, especially on hills! I kind of wish that the stroller stored kinetic energy from braking for use on the big uphills. Hmmm… maybe there’s an F1 stroller with KERS?


2 thoughts on “Lunch & running

  1. Another baby benefit: Training aid – weights that gradually and automatically add pounds as strength develops. Can be used as free weight for a defined time and become training partner as they grow. Cost considerations however (food, shelter, college).

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