Had some interesting dreams last night.

  1. Mom was visiting, but complaining of something with her joints that flared up when she went home, but was fine when she was here. And she arrived at our house on a Saturday when whatever it was was really bad, and I thought it meant that Mom had Celiac, so I called my doctor to make an appointment, but she (the doctor) thought I meant I needed an appointment for each of us, and said that she had one appointment that day, and the other person would have to go to her vacation hotel room that overlooked the ocean. Also, we lived nearer to the ocean. And I was apparently best friends with my doctor. So, once I corrected it, I took mom over to the office, which was in a rental duplex, and waited in the screened-in porch. And talked to the doctor that had his office in the other half of the house. And that was it.
  2. I met up with Caleb and Lindsay to go running, but since their son C had to go with us, Caleb pushed the running stroller, and I ended up pushing the regular stroller for some reason. We took off with the strollers, but Lindsay was tied up with getting ready, so she started a few minutes behind us, carrying a bag. We were all wearing shoes at this point, and I was composing a Dailymile post in my head while running. But then the regular stroller wasn’t shifting gears on the hill up to the university campus, or was stuck in a gear, so the wheels wouldn’t turn and it was really difficult to get anywhere, so I stopped to put it in neutral. Why the stroller had gears, I don’t know. It was also the size of a giant shopping cart. So, Lindsay caught up and we couldn’t figure out how to put it in neutral, so I peeled off and stopped in at an academic building (that was shaped suspiciously like Alexander Hall) to park it. Then I walked down the hallway to another entrance, where I found Lindsay again, and she was carrying C on her hip and going out to run again, but they had both lost their shoes (Caleb had disappeared somewhere with the now empty running stroller, his shoe status was unknown.) So I took off my shoes, put C on my hip (because Lindsay still had the bag and it was really heavy, heavier than her son) and we started running on the paths around the building together in our socks, dodging pedestrians and pinecones on the sidewalk. I think I woke up to the cat laying on me.

So, my non-expert analysis means that I’m probably wanting to visit Mom or have her visit here, I’m hoping Caleb does awesome at Boston tomorrow, and that I have a 10-mile run today about which I’m a little anxious (I’ve got a small hot spot on the bottom of a foot from wearing sandals yesterday, and the socks I wore in my dream are dirty.) Also: the cat weighs as much as a small person.


4 thoughts on “Dreams

  1. Visiting would be nice. Dottie is nearby and I am to pick up her and sister and niece maybe tomorrow in Erwin for hot shower and sleep in a regular house.

    Do not run without shoes.

    G is looking for a covered cake stand. Call her?

  2. Wed. nite they are near Flag Pond not far from Erwin. Hoping they call tonight to be picked up. Made a big pot of white chili.

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