Covering windows

The new windows in the bedroom: amazing. We still had one partially open to put a fan in the window, but the closed window still blocked a fair amount of noise, it felt like more than the previous windows did when they were both closed. And I never noticed how much the panes rattled until this replacement. It almost seemed too quiet, but I’ll adjust.

Piper J isn’t a fan of the new windows- she can’t nestle down in the sill to watch birds. We might have to get her a cat shelf (or three.)

The other thing this window replacement is making us do is wash the curtains (since that hasn’t been done since they were put up nearly 4 years ago and they are full of Ick.) I’m going to try out the Dryel system, since all the curtains claim to be dry clean only. The cost savings seems worth a try, especially since I found a coupon. If Dryel doesn’t work, I’ll get them professionally done, because paying someone else a little more to do that seems worth my time to avoid needing to press them.

And finally, the blinds that we’ve put in other rooms are on sale, plus JC Penny just sent out a $10 off $10 purchase coupon, so this seems like an opportune time to put a wedding present to work. All these updates, plus some art from the Dogwood Festival, means the bedroom is nearly finished! Just need to find/make a headboard…


3 thoughts on “Covering windows

  1. Glad the new windows are working out so well. This summer maybe your electric bill will be lower when air conditioning is on.

    A few words about Dryel: The sheets don’t really clean like actual drycleaning will. It’s more a a freshening (translation — adding fragrance). When this stuff first came out, I thought I would be saving a bunch on drycleaning. But I didn’t feel that clothes were quite clean afterwards. The spot remover steps did seem to help, though, with simple spots. Grease (i.e. food stains) needed real dry cleaning. I still have several (okay, really many) of the Dryel cleaning sheets that I haven’t used. But then I do tend to wear more washable clothing now.

  2. I’m really looking forward to some lower bills! And quieter rooms.

    After doing the panels in the kitchen, or the dirtiest ones that are next to the trash can, I agree- they’re not all that, though I noticed that the sheet was dirtier at the end. I still might take some of the curtains to be dry cleaned, but the Dryel works well enough for those that are lightly dirty (though I kind of wonder if just putting them in with damp towels might work the same.) At least I had some good coupons.

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