TCB’s friends defined “pulling a ‘Shane'”: Concentrating all of the fun of a 3-day weekend into the first night, then paying the price for the rest of the weekend while everyone else has fun. Enthusiasm over seeing old friends!

Tonight, TCB defined “pulling a ‘Palila'”: Worrying so much about something small that something worse happens. For example: I worry that hail will damage my car, a tree falls on it instead. I worry that worrying about the wedding has given my ulcers or something, I have Celiac (at least, gluten intolerance) instead. I worry that our rooms aren’t booked for the duration of our honeymoon, our tickets have been canceled instead (I’ll post about that panic soon.) I worry that the animals will knock into a bucket of faucet drip water in the bathroom, I knock it over (tonight’s episode, leading to the title.)

But it also seems to go the other way: I worry myself into inaction over initially purchasing a car, I get exactly everything I wanted by doing so. I worry that people have dropped the ball on tasks they volunteered for (say, for a wedding, a party, dinner, or household improvements), they pull out all the stops and everything is more awesome than imagined. I worry that I’ve totally screwed up an on-paper perfect job interview, I land a better-paying job with a better company.

So, it seems like worrying over bad things is pointless, but worrying over the good might have a benefit. So I’m going to start worrying about TCB getting a decent job in the PDX area. That’s sure to land us in, like, Australia. Or Denmark. Hoping I pull a Palila on that.


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