Out & About

This morning, I woke up much earlier than I intended (at 8, I was hoping for 9), so I decided to check out the Decatur Farmers Market, new Saturday Edition, hoping to find some eggs. So I zipped down, stopping for gas on the way, and putzed around the market, getting some t-r-e-a-t-s for Angus, some granola, and more romaine lettuce than we two can eat before it goes bad. (I’d picked up an appropriate amount and after paying, the farmer put two small heads into the bag, so I could “be proud when I got home.”) There weren’t eggs at the market, though I nearly got some milk but because I’m not planning to bake this weekend, I didn’t see us using it before it spoiled.

I started to head back to the house but, because I’d spent longer at the market than I’d planned, it was nearly 10, when many of the other shops open. I turned the car around, parked in the shade, and headed to Squash Blossom first to see the Fluevog Eureka shoes in their shoe sale would work as everyday work shoes. I had planned on coming back later in the day to try the shoes, so this saved me a trip. Sadly, they didn’t have my size, though I tried the larger & smaller pair, just to make sure. But! In the sale section, they had some fabulous yellow coats with bright green & yellow lining, once of which fit like it had been made for me. And it was really marked down (good thing it was in that sale section), so I made sure it came home with me. It’s too warm to wear it this spring, but it will be fabulous later.

And, since I happened to be in the area, I popped in to Little Shop of Stories to get some books for upcoming birthdays. They didn’t have one of the books I wanted, a fantastically illustrated Little Red Riding Hood, so they have ordered it for me (yay!) I love how they wrap up gift books, too. I’m glad to have the books (and the one on order), so finding the *right* book won’t be a stress reason when it’s birthday party time.

I played the “while I’m in the area” game again and headed to Boogaloos to see if they had any fun spring/summer dresses or tops in, but they weren’t open yet, so I went into Heliotrope, initially to pass the time, but then found a shower gift for friends getting married soon. And I also had to restrain myself from getting anything for us. From the bird hooks, doormats, vases, candle holders, the kitchen items & linens, mugs, nerdy stuff… I could see me spending too much of my time/money in there. (I let TCB know that he’d find a lot of inspiration there if he ever felt like getting me a present. Like for my birthday. When he’ll be in Canada. At an academic conference. That will always be on my birthday. Boo. Hiss.)

So, once I tore myself away, I decided to head back to the car but Boogaloos was a) on the way and b) open! So I peeked in and instantly found a bunch of dresses to try on; one fit fabulously. I feel like I always try on a halter top dress when I’m in there, striped, of variable length and am always disappointed with the fit: the top’s way too big or the bottom’s too small or it looks weird. Today was no exception. But the dress I liked was reasonably priced, a fantastic length, and felt good. And showed me that all this running I’ve been doing has been having some effects, even if the scale doesn’t reflect it. I know they go through some of the inventory really quickly, I might need to stop in more often. Or not. My bank account might like not.

So, that was my morning. I stopped at Publix near home and got the reason for my exodus: eggs. If only I’d planned to do that all along, I would have brought a coupon, but I wouldn’t have had as much fun.


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