In & Around

After I got home, I put away my purchases and finally ate a breakfast of bacon and gf bagel with cream cheese (granola samples at the farmers market did not cut it.) I tried to like the bagel, the little crunchies off the sides were good slathered in cream cheese, but the bagel still tasted like sawdust held together with paste. Bleh. I blogged, I took a 10-minute nap on the couch while TCB finished up some truck stuff, and then we went to Chick-fil-A for some lunch. (Right after my breakfast, I know, but seriously, those gf bagels are about the size of a small grocery box chocolate-covered doughnut. Smaller than my palm. I was still pretty hungry.)

One thing I love about Chick-fil-A is that when I order my sandwich with no bun, I’m not charged for the bun. TCB isn’t charged for the tomato he doesn’t want on his sandwich. Yay! (I can see the “this is what you ordered, this is what comes with it, if you don’t want it, then ok, you could have had it,” but for an allergy/intolerance, it’s kinda like robbery. I CANNOT eat this, why should I essentially have to pay for it, it’s not a choice for me.)

So, when we got back, we both loaded up on sunscreen and started weeding the front garden, the one that’s front and center to our house. The one that hasn’t been fully weeded since well before we moved in. The one that I half-finished last year. Yeah.

While weeding, we found no badgers, but we did see a mushroom and TCB found a snaaaake (a snaaaaake, oh it’s a snaaaaaake.) And a million pill bugs. At one point, I found a little colony of them and it looked like the ground was boiling for a second. We were both amazed at the size of the worms in the garden (at a glance, I thought one was another snake.)

6 hours later, we finished it. I’m really, really happy we were both working on it, because I could never have finished it myself in two days (see: only half-done over several weekend last year), and, well, it’s gotten the first pass of weeding. We went to the company store to discuss flower options and to get some mulch (though, while we were there, we found the last 2 standard-size windows we need for the house. Double Yay!) So, we discussed, we got mulch (and windows), decided to put down cardboard as weed control before the mulch, since we have so much cardboard in the house to be recycled, and wait on the flowers until after I spread out the huge clumps of daylilies and gladiolus (gladioli?).


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