Good day

We had a pretty good, productive day today. Together, we:

  • Woke up too early, thanks to the cat and not being able to sleep. (I haven’t been able to sleep more than 6 hours or 6am, whichever comes first, the last few nights.)
  • Watched the F1 race
  • Measured the garden beds
  • Visited the company store and got mulch, landscape timber, colorful annuals, stuff for the truck, and a rose bush.
  • Went to the Decatur for the Arts Festival and lunch.
  • We expected that, by going to Taco Mac, I’d have tacos for lunch, the only thing on their gluten-free menu last time we were there.
  • Instead, found out that the Taco Mac in Decatur has 3 friers and keeps each one dedicated to a type of food (sounds like breaded, meat, and other.) I had really tasty wings & fries and we’re both excited to find a wing place again! (Especially with the World Cup coming up.)
  • Strolled around the Arts Festival.
  • Came home and installed all the purchased items.
  • In the process, string-trimmer-proofed the garden (yay, no more hacked-off roses!)
  • Also realized that the “Pine Bark Mini-Nuggets” were mis-bagged, so the bags were really full of regular pine bark.
  • Decided we didn’t care, it looked better around the tree and we used it to kill the little bit of grass now inside the garden “walls.” We will probably cover it with real mini-nuggets after a few rains/months anyway, to raise the look of the depth of the bed in general.
  • Stepped back to enjoy our work, and realized that outlining the beds spells the word “ho” in our yard.
  • Got more mulch, since we’d expanded the beds by keeping the rose bed a set width the whole way down (and the big nuggets didn’t go as far as the mini ones.)
  • I played with G’s cats, staked up her tomatoes, and cleaned up the poops.
  • While TCB worked on the truck, I went to the grocery and found GF pizza on sale! I’ve never seen it on sale, so I got a couple or three. Yay, lazy night dinner!
  • I also got hot dog bus, for full participation in the semi-planned cookout with Neighbors tomorrow.
  • I made dinner with heavy TCB participation (he cleaned & polished, then I cooked.)

I’m very pleased with what we accomplished today. The front yard looks much, much better, G’s tomatoes are going to be happier, we have some extra food provisions beyond “this week’s dinner” (we depleted those in the last month), and we went out an about to a festival. The only thing we didn’t accomplish today was going to the pool, but with the on-and-off rain all day, mostly while we were outside and away from the house, we got just as wet as if we’d gone to the pool. I’m not sure if I’ll make the 7am Stone Mountain tweetup run (I should be in bed by now for that), but if I can’t sleep again, I’ll go. Otherwise, I’ll sleep. Yay, sleep!


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