We’re so cool

About 2 weeks ago, I think it was? Maybe just a week? Some time in the recent past, after lunch, my phone decided it had had enough of me playing Tetris and tweeting, and started restarting itself. I’d start it up, it’d be ok until it had the message memory ready, then the screen would blank out and it’d keep restarting itself until it died. Yay. Occasionally, it’d stay on long enough to get all the messages (but would have forgotten that I’d  put it on ‘silent,’ and so would let the entire office know that I was getting 37 messages), and then I could start it up in flight mode to read the day’s tweets and texts during a break. Because it would only do this while I was in the physical proximity of work.

It wasn’t too bad (the beeping was really annoying, so I’d shove it in my desk, wrapped in a sweater), but then it started cutting off my audio. I’d be talking to Dad or the neighbor, then as soon as he got to the important part of a sentence, my audio would cut out, though he could hear me, so I kept calling back until I switched phones. There’s only so many conversations of “What you need to do is…” and “That reminds me of the time that I…” and “Oh my gosh, I just looked up and next to the window, there’s a really huge…” that I can take before I want to chuck the phone in a lake.

So, I researched phones since were overdue for an upgrade anyway. I’d really been considering the iPhone, but the non-replaceable battery and proprietary everything bugged me. Plus, I’ve been stalling on upgrading iTunes for years. I did like the touchscreen and that it didn’t have any moveable parts. The less that can break, the better. And we’d discussed getting one of us a smartphone when we did our upgrade, just for practical  “where’s the nearest cheese shop?!?” purposes. But the more I looked at the available phones, the less I could justify the cost of soon-to-be-last-year’s iPhone model, and the less I could justify the cost of the data plan for one of us once I found out that regular unlimited access is $10/month/person on the family plan, instead of $30/month/person with a smartphone. I mean… really. We just wanted phones that could call, text and check email/weather/traffic.

While searching and looking at smartphones, I kept seeing a fully-touchscreened phone, no sliding parts as a featured phone, but it was never in the list of smartphones. Then I got smart and realized it wasn’t a smartphone, just a regular “feature phone.” And it had some fantastic reviews that came to the conclusion that it was a good phone for heavy calling and texting, and light web browsing. Plus, no moving parts and it used the cheap data plan. Could this be it?

The selling point for the Samsung Mythic, to us, was the price: cheap-to-free on Amazon with their Memorial Day sale. TCB liked it, too, so we have matching phones (I know, barf.) I got a case so we can tell ours apart easily, and so my phone has some extra coverage if when I drop it.

I thought they’d arrive next Wednesday, but they showed up on our doorstep yesterday! Since then, we’ve been playing with the features and transferring all of out contacts from our old phones to our new ones. (I haven’t had to do a number transfer like this since college, they’ve been able to transfer from phone to phone, so I’ve got a lot of numbers for people I haven’t talked to in many, many years. And people that I don’t remember. It’s nice to do a purge. Also, do I have the right number for you? I might have 3 different ones, too.)

So far, we’re pretty darn pleased with them. I can make calls! and check my email! and facebook from the yard! And, driving home from work on Friday, I saw a billboard for the phone. We’ve never gotten cellular technology that was still being advertised. We’re so cool.


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