Nature’s Own has come out with a line of gluten free breads and are test-marketing both “Extra Fiber White” and “Healthy Multi-Grain”  in Atlanta. I’m very excited about shelf-stable bread because it’s easier to pack for lunches, picnics, an easy snack (don’t have to pry off a piece, warm it up first.) It’s kind of expensive, though, at about $6 a loaf. (For comparison, a bag of mix usually runs $4-$5/bag, and requires other ingredients, like eggs.)

So, last time we were at Publix, on Memorial Day, I snagged a loaf of “Healthy Multi-Grain” for my burger that afternoon. (As a side note, I’m not keen on the title, because just it being gluten free makes it a whole lot healthier for me than any kind of regular bread, and it sounds like they’re pitting it against the “High Fiber White” in some kind of popularity contest. I picked the whole grain one because it was left on the shelf, white was sold out. Makes me happy when gf foods sell out, because it shows that people are buying it!) As soon as we got home, I made a peanut butter sammich with it, and that sandwich was goooooood. The bread reminded me of the bread Mom would make our sandwiches with in school, and it wasn’t exactly soft, but it wasn’t hard and crumbly. I’d call it firm, but that’s what I want in my whole grain breads. I liked the little flax seeds in the bread, too.

Excited about my find, I ate bread every day this week- usually with laughing cow cheese or as a roast beef sandwich for breakfast, and then as a roast beef sandwich as lunch or a snack (and, of course, as a bun for a burger.) And all those sammiches were gooooood. Lunches felt normal, and they were really easy (and fast!) to make in the morning. Plus, I haven’t had a roast beef sandwich in a long time and I’d really been craving one.

In conclusion, I like this bread. I like that it’s pre-sliced, it’s great for sandwiches, good as a bun-substitute, good for lunch, and I think it’d be good in the toaster (with butter and garlic powder.) It’s also easier than making my own, but I do think Bob’s Red Mill “Hearty Whole Grain” gf bread is better with butter only, and I would like to see the price for this loaf of bread come down a little. Also, it may not have been the best idea to overindulge in this particular bread all week (I’ve eaten the whole loaf, at least 4 slices a day): all that flax seed really catches up to ya.


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