Glad I went ahead and got my kit together this weekend: practice starts Thursday!

I took the new bits out got a spin in the backyard (or, everything’s got something new besides my shorts and underwear, though I did wear some), and I don’t feel quite as rusty as I thought I might be. Dribbling was a challenge on the bumpy backyard, but I made it up and down a few times. Also did some stationary drills on the dirt patch(es) to help get them ready to seed. Fitness (the sprinting parts) might be an issue to me, but from the sound of the skills of the team, I should be ok. I’ll really find out on Thursday, won’t I? Games don’t start until the 20th, so I should be able to get some extra running in on my own.

What’s really much easier in cleats: launching the toy football from the ground for Mr. Dog. He loves it (and ran away from the soccer ball.)


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