Soccer practice!

Oh, man. practice was great today. I was very excited to meet the folks, and I loved getting out on the field. The field itself isn’t all that great- no nets, no goals, just a field, but that’s fine for practice. We did some warm-up and stretching, a passing/running drill, a passing/running/shooting drill, I suggested and set up another passing drill (no running, just passing, since we were all feeling a little rusty on the basics), and then a short 3v3 scrimmage.

Overall, I’d say my skills are fine for this level of play. We’re all a little rusty. I did see that fitness might be my enemy. Sure, I’ve been running, but I haven’t been sprinting, especially not in this heat/humidity. I’d also forgotten about how awesome my callouses were and now that they’re gone, I really, really miss them. I see some running intervals and some blister care on my schedule this weekend. Can’t wait for the next practice!


6 thoughts on “Soccer practice!

  1. Oh! I forgot one of the exciting things that happened near the beginning of practice! After stretching, while we were deciding what kind of drill we wanted to do next, we heard a loud cracking noise across the street. We looked over, and a tree was falling! Looked like it just gave up and collapsed.

  2. It was last night. It was fun, the whole second half was a scrimmage, but I think I pulled my quad by being stupid and punting/sending crosses before warming up. Have been employing techniques from the raining room: ice and heat and anti-inflammatories.

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