4th of July!

The weekend of the 4th- awesome. I (at least) was a little on edge because the house wasn’t nearly as picked-up or vacuumed as I wanted it to be, despite TCB’s excellent bathroom- and basement-cleaning skills. Mom arrived during my post-work mad vacuuming blitz, but I was nearly done and really happy that she had arrived so early! We worked on getting the beds made and the basement inhabitable (like a curtain over the window above the bed, since we haven’t put the broken metal blinds back up after putting in the new windows.) I worked on dinner, a fajita kickasserole for 5. M&D arrived late, but we were very happy to see them. Glass of wine or two, and we were all down for the count.

Bright and not that early, we went to Marlow’s in Midtown to meet George for the Germany-Argentina game. We were all late, but that was fine since Marlow’s didn’t open until 11 (game started at 10.) After a fabulous brunchy-lunchy we headed to the Peachtree Expo so M & I could pick up our numbers (George and TCB  had theirs mailed, smartly.) Expo, back to the house, Mom & I got much-needed haircuts. After that, Mom & I tried to save one of the squash plants in the garden that had developed a severe case of the instant-droops by mounding soil on it (it was too far gone, I think something snapped in it. I need to dig it up and replace it.)

We watched Wall-E and then divided to conquer our grocery list- D, Mom and TCB went to YDFM for the fresh stuff,  M& I hit up Whole Foods for the GF stuff. Home, I worked on dinner (tequila chicken!), Dawn worked on slaw and foods that needed to sit overnight.

Sunday, everyone in the house was up early for the race, though not everyone left to run. M, TCB and I met George at her place and we walked to the Peachtree Road Race start.


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