Not a soccer update

It’s been a crazy week, maybe couple of weeks, in the BS household.

First, TCB got a job. I know that’s not totally new news, but it’s continues to be amazing to us. A real temporary job as a visiting prof/instructor, sure, but it starts exactly when his PhD student “job” was about to end, so the timing was fortuitous. He’s also been applying to real real jobs for the fall of 2011, and has interviews already lined up. His dissertation has gone downhill (and lost some steam), but he’s not registering at school for the next semester (to save some dollars), since it’s bad enough that he won’t be able to finish and defend it before spring. It’s a setback, of course, but with a job in the meantime and continuing to work on the paper while “out” of school, it’s ok.

Since he has a job that requires him to be on time and not rain- or sweat-soaked, we had to get him a reliable, non-overheating, working, non-passenger-door-leaking, a/c-having car with decent gas mileage. And… we did! Yay, Craigslist! We found a 2003 300M, low miles and low enough price and picked it up this past Saturday. (And here, by “we,” I mean “TCB.”) The biggest problem so far is that the previous owner smoked in it, but we’re working on getting that funk out. TCB’s happy he found a car he likes and fits in, not so happy about the “Cop’s Girl” sticker still on the back window. He’s loving the air conditioning and the heated seats.

Our beer making has been going strong! We’re calling this the summer of sorghum: TCB got a 60-lb bucket of sorghum at the beginning of the summer from our usual beer supply shop, and we’re working through it before it goes bad. We’re apparently the only ones really brewing gf in the area that use that shop, and knew that they wouldn’t be able to sell more of the sorghum if we didn’t buy it all. And why leave it in a place that it could get cross-contaminated, buying it one portion at a time when we could just buy the whole thing and just worry about dog hair in it? Our concoctions so far:

  • All-sorghum IPA. Many hops. It’s not the most awesome beer, but it’s more flavorful than Redbridge. And more than double the alcohol, now that Redbridge reformulated to be sold in Utah, too. The second one of the night is better than the first. It’s cloudy, because we made it before we knew about the filtering agents we could use to make the beer clear.
  • A sorghum-based (instead of rice) raspberry-blackberry beer, naming it “300em.” We just bottled this one, but it’s opaque! Whoo! Smells amazing and the in-the-bottle taste is almost like eating the berries. I looked for seeds in that tasting glass.
  • A chocolate-coffee stout. Still in primary fermenter, will get transferred to secondary this weekend. Made with toasted millet, oats, and other gf grains (plus sorghum base). Smells amazing, I can’t wait to taste it (and it should be really ready to drink when the weather cools, if it ever does.)
  • A Raz-“Whit”. Recipe has been decided upon, we need to get an empty primary to make it.

But… this weekend, right after bottling 300em, while TCB had his arms full of clean-but-unused bottles, he put the green chair in our living room between his toes and the chair didn’t move. He moved his left little toe from a left-turn position to a normal one, then we headed off to the nearest ER (we found the closest one, finally) to confirm that he’d broken it. He saw a specialist and, basically, gets an awesome sandal-shoe thing, gets to tape his toes together, and get to get it checked again in a month. He’s also got his own “reset broken bones” story to tell. I’m a little worn out from trying to get more done around the house, so he can keep his foot elevated, but he’s trying not to milk it. We did decide, in light of this, that maybe we should declare cleaning bankruptcy and see if hiring a housecleaner every few weeks would work into our new budget. We don’t keep on top of all the cleaning and picking up when we’re both fully functional, and we’re thinking that, if we just had to focus on one part of that combo (the picking up), we’d be able to spend some more time together and the house would actually get clean. And we’d have more motivation to make some long-overdue trips to Goodwill to get rid of those things that we’ve piled up to take.

Angus and Piper J are doing well. Piper’s calmed down immensely at night and seems to have located another mousie, this one to the left of the door, in the corner. She’d been staring at the spot for days, attacking the baseboards, and we couldn’t figure out what she was doing. This morning, we found mousie nesting material between the doors and we figured it out, so I left a trap baited with an M*M before I left for work. She’s turning out to be a very useful mouse-locator! (I’m sure she’s be a good mouser if we allowed her to hunt and didn’t keep her nails well-trimmed.) Angus is Angus.


One thought on “Not a soccer update

  1. For the smoky car, have you tried Febreze? After cleaning as well as possible to remove smoking oily residue, spray Febreze directly on some surfaces, and also on a towel to be left in the car. Wash the towel and respray every week or so. It might take several weeks for effectiveness. Or by then you’ll be used to the smell. Another possibility would be to take the car to a detailing place.

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