Great weekend

Last weekend was pretty awesome. It started with taking TCB to the airport so he could fly to Canada for a conference. That wasn’t so awesome, but he was interviewing for jobs, which = awesome. After getting back, George came over and we (plus Mom) headed over to Decatur for the Boutique sale. It started off slowly, nothing really fit, especially not the jeans. Skinny jeans should not even be manufactured in my size, srsly. Seemed like clothes I liked weren’t in my size, and stuff in my size was all weird or frump-tastic. Found some neat earrings, kept browsing, then George handed me a dress. And that, of everything I tried on, was not ill-fitting, weirdly made, or damaged. And it was cheap! Was looking forward to wearing my slimming plaid dress.

Then we lunched at Raging Burrito, which really hit the spot. Mmm… guacamole. Then we scurried off to the Viet Nails place for Mom to get a pedicure, G to get her eyebrows evened, and me to watch. The leg bruises were pretty painful after walking around in the heat, so I simply rested and laughed with Mom about her facial expressions while getting the pedicure.

After our Day in Decatur, we headed home to meet a few friends (Katie and Philip) before zooming off to dinner at Mellow Mushroom in Kennesaw. GF pizza! Yay! And more friends met us there (the Maslands.) Lindsay had brought me a fantastic present- birthday sash and hat! Love! I quickly put those on. Following dinner (that included running from the setting sun), we headed over to the field and met up with Abby, Sydney, Matt and Hayley to watch The Beat take on Sky Blue FC. Our seats were right behind the goal. Bonus to sitting in the family section: we were also right in front of the drumline (providing the beat.) First half was a little slow, but excitement picked up in the second half, with The Beat tying the game. They put another ball in the net later but, unfortunately, it was their own. Shots that went over the goal went into the stands and one was right to me. I totally blocked it.


Sunday, George came over early before our soccer game and we peeled/sliced up peaches to make peach preserves, and cut up strawberries for jam. We put the actual making of the items off until after the game. At the field, the question was, “Can Alex get her shinguards on?!” (because I couldn’t on Thursday at practice), and the answer was,”Probably, if I’d remembered to bring them.” Because Mom was there, she was able to go to WalMart and get me some while I stayed with the team (thank you, Mom.) But this “off” feeling sort of infected the team and we definitely didn’t play our best game. The other team seemed off and frustrated too, so maybe it was the heat + still air… I don’t know. Once I was suited up, I still never really got into the game. Maybe I was afraid of getting hurt again, maybe I was tired and worried about the game, maybe I was taking cues from The Beat and staying on my heels, but I was definitely not playing my best.

Near the end of the game, one of our players went down after a collision and had to come off the field for a cut lip and chin. One look at that chin and I told her that stitches were in her near future. George taped the edges together and, after the game, I took her to an urgent care place near our houses (she lives in the subdivision next to ours.) When the Dr. walked in the room, he first asked me “What’s wrong with you?!” before checking out Meghan’s chin. (I had my purple leg on display, it was pretty ugly after the game.) Meghan’s chin was sewn up, she confirmed that my leg didn’t need to be amputated, and as we headed out, the Dr. told her, “good luck, Maradona!”

Back at the house, Mom and George had made the peach/ginger preserves, and I got home just in time to put it in jars. We made a cheese plate with the fabulous cheeses Mom had brought, and the peach preserves. Amazing. Meghan came over, we flipped through a bunch of YouTube videos, then played Trivial Pursuit. I think that game didn’t like Meghan, because even the easy questions she got were really hard.


Monday, Mom and I headed out to get the remaining berries and jars needed for strawberry/blackberry/raspberry jam. Which, of course, included a trip to the fabric store nearby. I found some material for a new purse, she found some books and found me a book- One Yard Wonders. I’m really looking forward to some of the projects in it, especially the gardening apron.

We had fun mashing up the berries, due in large part to the potato masher being in the dishwasher, so we were mashing with two wooden spoons. We also debated putting in the blackberries at all, since we had more than enough volume with the strawberries and raspberries alone, but we threw a handful in, and I’m really glad we did- they gave some beautiful color and flavor. Canning, we ran into some difficulty, because we hadn’t washed enough jars. So… we had to quickly wash a few while near the end of the pot (and those jars didn’t seal, so TCB and I are really getting into the “Triple Berry Birthday Jam.”) It’s amazingly good.

Unfortunately, Mom had to go home, so we quickly finished another project (filling the spice jars) before she left. After she had gone, I sat down with my new sewing book, picked out a couple of projects, went through the sales flyers and coupons, and headed out to find… just a frame for a piece of art. All the fabric I’d need would be on super-sale the next weekend, so I decided to wait. Plus, it was nearly time to meet cousin Jennifer  and her son Paul for dinner! George and Brendan joined us and we had a great time.

Afterward, we got ice cream. Paul got his first cup of ice cream of his very own and loved it. I was holding him while he tasted the stuff on his spoon cautiously, then dug in! It reminded me of when we took Angus for ice cream the first time. I ended up covered in ice cream when he found out he could pick up the whole blob by shoving the spoon in, and eat it like a popsicle. He game some to me, waved it around, ate some himself… I wish I could say that, at the end of the event, all of the ice cream I was wearing was from him, but I totally dropped some of my own on me, too.

It was a fantastic weekend.


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