Ups and downs today

It’s been a day of good and bad, ups and downs, but I think it’s evening out to be ok.

The bad:

  • Still can’t find my wedding ring. Have looked in all likely and somewhat unlikely spots, it’s not revealing itself. Last place I saw it for sure was on the side of the tub after taking a shower, and I’m 99% sure I went and put it back on afterward (I remember making 2 trips upstairs for it.)
  • Two nosebleeds today, one while driving to work. Think it’s something in the air.
  • Found out that, while I don’t count my work as “done” until everything works and it looks right, other programmers count their stuff as 95% done just because the back end functions. 5% for a customer-facing page? Pissed that I get to clean it up, pissed that I’ve been routinely asked why I’m behind on my work while they look like go-getters, and pissed that I have to call them out on it.
  • Sore from playing a full soccer game yesterday, not super-happy with my performance as center-mid with only 10 players on our side. Not really sure how to work on fitness at practice and still know that people will want to come back.

The good:

  • We’re having steak for dinner.
  • Got my kidney-function tests back today: normal function! (Improvement from 3 years ago, when they were just below normal.)
  • Despite the daily “Why are you so behind?!” questioning, my mid-year performance review was great. Pros: not afraid to tell anyone I think they’re making a poor design decision. Also: team player and works well independently. Work on: learn more about how things get done at work, gain more in-store experience.
  • A new kind of gluten-free pizza that I’ve been wanting to try is on sale this week at my nearest Kroger (which is not the one we usually go to.)
  • Still really proud that we only lost 1-0 yesterday while playing with fewer players than the other team. Definitely thought we played as more of a team than the other side, amazed at the defense we put up, and can clearly see that it’s individual skills starting to hold us back, not team play or positioning skills. Since those are what I have been focusing our practices on, I’m really, really thrilled as a coach.

The funny:

  • Found out my bank, instead of simply changing the name on my account, has me listed as my own joint account holder.

5 thoughts on “Ups and downs today

  1. Visualize it finding you, coming back to your hand. I think the good outweighs the bad. See also CS cartoon in yesterday’s paper.

  2. From an experienced wedding-ring loser: Look in pockets of every item of clothing, even if you don’t think that you’ve worn it lately; look behind stuff, even if you don’t think it could possibly be there; look in the front nooks and crannies of drawers, even if you don’t think it could have fallen in there; and stop looking for a few days then go to the first place that comes to mind.

  3. Found it! I hadn’t worn anything with pockets after the shower, so I could eliminate that, dreamed last night about it being in the couch, so I searched in, behind and under it when I got home today. Got out the flashlight and repeated the search (found some pennies, cat toys and a 5-lb hand weight under the couch.) Then looked in the drain with the flashlight, then my jewelry box, then back around the couch (with the flashlight, seemed like a good idea.) Then, as I was sitting back down to the laptop at the dining room table, I noticed what looked like my tiny, for-small-cuttings-of-paper-or-thread-only scissors poking out of the bottom of the pile of coupon booklets (we somehow got 4 copies of the same booklet this weekend). I was about to get a bit miffed that they’d been located and used for coupons when better, full-size scissors were sitting on top of the pile, but no. It was my ring.

    No idea how it got there, can’t believe I didn’t find it earlier, like while clipping said coupons.

  4. I dream about things I lose all the time. I feel that when I am stressed, I can’t sort it all out when I am awake.

    Nosebleeds can be a good things! Old medicine routinely involved bleedings to get out the bad stuff.

    You’re just way ahead of the curve at work and good work will be rewarded.

    We played very well for only having 10 players. We did play crazy well as a team.

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