So, I came home from work today in a slightly crappy mood. I was ok with working late today, since I have commitments other nights and leave “early” (after being there only 9.5 hours, while we’re behind in our project for things that aren’t my fault, like starting the programming 3 weeks late.) But everyone else left earlier than my “early”, and left the code in an un-testable state, so I left. But I’d better be there early tomorrow, to finish all the things left un-done before the 9am call.And I’d finished the last of the home-done dehydrated fruit in the house after lunch today. All store-bought dried foods for us until Mom brought some more. Or none.

So, because I left early, Jeremy didn’t. And because I got home first, I was pissed that I had to go to the store, I had to make dinner if I wanted to eat dinner at a reasonable time and, damnit, ANTM came on soon by the time I got home from the store and it’s the only “me only” show I watch. So I started throwing food together during commercials: chicken sausage, thin-sliced potatoes, green pepper and tomatoes (tomatoes from the garden.)

And, as TCB arrived home and said whatever was cooking smelled good, was it fish? And I got more ticked, because a) chicken sausage and b) I’d sliced my fingertip while thin-slicing those potatoes. And he was interrupting judging and I’d missed half the photoshoot with cooking + first aid. I bled for this dinner! I deserve some ANTM-sitting-watching! And then the discussion of Kayla’s photo came up, and he was still talking about something on the porch, and I was trying to tell him I’d seen it while crying about her experience of having the word she was bullied with the most, queer, written all over her, and loving DVF’s statement (something like “If you go toward the freedom, you can fly.”)

He brought in the box, and it was addressed to me from some company I didn’t remember ordering anything from.

And it was a  food dehydrator. All I could think of was TCB’s story of his friend King Dave, who woke his girlfriend up at a middle of the night hour after mostly-drunkenly seeing an informercial, “Jeeesus, Kit, how much beef jerky did I eat last year?!?!”

Thank you, still-unknown sender, for the food dehydrator! (Suspecting Mom or Uncle Dawn, mostly the latter as it’s the same brand as hers.) I see a trip to YDFM in our near future, like tomorrow night.


One thought on “Slicing!

  1. Not guilty. But glad you have something to experiment with. Just no more slicing fingers, please. It’s called “beef” jerky. Just have lots of ingredients for rubs. Go easy on ones with added liquids – hard to clean the trays. Dip the slices in cider vinegar, dredge in rub and layer in baking dish overnight in the fridge. Arrange in dehydrator trays and turn on full before work. Enjoy when you get home. Or marinate all day and put in dehydrator overnight.

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