Busy busy busy

Another list!

  • It’s because TCB and I have been absolutely slammed with work. We’ve both got that "Rose-Hulman Feeling", the one where there’s too much work to finish, not enough time to do it all and sleep and eat, and there’s actually so much that failure is inevitable.
  • Round 2 of Pepper Relish turned out fairly well. I used many more peppers, and the first-filled jars really show it- they’re packed with peppers and there’s no room to create layers. And the ones filled after the first few… they aren’t so pepper-packed but because I used more peppers, they didn’t set up as well as the first batch, so there’s a more even distribution of peppers in the jar. Tastes good, too!
  • I dried 3lbs of apples this weekend. Because I’ve been doing some stress-eating at work (I think TCB has been, too), we’ve taken them into work and nibbled the apples instead of Cheetos (or whatever TCB does or doesn’t eat). Better for me, tastier, and definitely cheaper. It’s only Wednesday, and I need to make another batch. Hoping that, since we have an already-assembled meal in the crockpot for tonight, I can swing by the grocer on the way home, get a bag of apples, slice them up and get some ready for tomorrow’s snacks. Maybe other fruit, too.
  • I got a yellow card at the last soccer game, vs. Lady Divas. It was already a pretty physical game and, as I was playing sweeper near the end of the first half after our usual one left to confirm that she’d broken her wrist (yup.), a Diva was coming down the field on a nearly-breakaway with me next to her, and i went after the ball with an extra hip-check, which sent her flying with a girly squeal. I was at least looking at the ball.And the ref carded me, saying it was only not a red because I had two other defenders getting near me ("denying a clear goal-scoring opportunity", which I think totally discounts our keeper. It was, at most, a yellow.) Whatever. Someone needed to get a yellow to show that the ref wasn’t afraid to pull cards and to send a signal to calm the game down. Lost 4-0, with 3 in the second half, 2 of those of the "just past the pole, everyone on both teams thought it was going out" variety.
  • Because we’ve been so busy, we declared it "Liver Appreciation Week" at the BS house. Mostly, to get enough sleep.
  • Also because we’ve been so busy, I think the plan to go to Homecoming at Rose will be scrapped in favor of local activities. Like Petit Le Mans. Or the USA Women’s soccer game vs. China. Or my own soccer game.
  • My teammate with the broken arm lives near me, so we’ve been working on a cover for her cast since she’s been cleared to play when she feels up to it as long as she wraps the cast with quarter-inch foam (for our protection, not so much hers.) We hit up Hancock Fabrics last night, got some canvas, velcro and straps, then the company store for some pipe insulation, and got started on the wrap. It’s coming along nicely, though L.A.W. got tested when the thread broke in the machine and wrapped itself all up in the motor. And when I sewed the strap to have the long end on the wrong side, couldn’t find my good scissors or seam-ripper. Will finish it tonight, then we’ll fit the inner pockets with the foam tomorrow. Total cost of the project so far: about $12. Much better than the $50+ ones for sale elsewhere. Will take a picture when it’s done.

One thought on “Busy busy busy

  1. I’m going to enjoy tonight not being a working extension of today. Like Monday and Tuesday nights have been.

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