I know you

When looking at the calendar on Tuesday, I thought all I’d be doing was playing soccer and chilling out at home.Then Katy emailed to say that she and Andy were headed down to Ikea & 6 Flags, could they stay over on Saturday night? The answer: of course! And then I realized, when looking at traffic expectations, that it was Pride weekend. Whoo! I’ve been so not paying attention to what’s going on around me because of all the working.

Katy and her BF arrived, and we headed off to Marta it up to Pride. As soon as we left, I realized that I’d forgotten my phone, so I whipped the car around, ran in the house, grabbed my phone, sent a text to Neighbor on the way out to let her know I wouldn’t be able to run in 15 minutes, was headed to Pride. When I got out of the house, she was unloading her car, so I went over and we talked for a minute. Discussed going to the parade together.

So, we were off to Marta. Once we made the train switch at 5 Points, some guy in front of me was all, “Alex!” and I realized it was Jeff B, a former coworker, headed to the Tech game. We caught up some on what’s happening in each other’s lives (he’s a new dad! Of all of a week!), in mutual friend’s lives (divorces! evictions! school! weddings! more babies!), and vowed, as usual, to get together and do _something_.

We went our separate ways at Midtown station and the three of us had lunch at Willy’s next to the park. Where I saw Neighbor’s husband, and we chatted. I learned that the parade no longer passes his restaurant (sad), so he wouldn’t be able to see it.

After lunch: into the park! I definitely made sure to stop by the HD booth to snag some swag for my desk (a pen). And then the Hep Team booth to get my 3rd (and final) A/B shot. The nurses said I was their first to finish the series that day. They also were impressed that I remembered which one I was on, too, said most people were unsure if they’d had any or if it was 1 or two. I didn’t pass out, which impressed me, and I got to pick out my own (Hello Kitty) bandage. My arm’s still a little sore, but not too bad.

We wandered around, passed the AFB booth, where I saw the banner Abby had made with some of my pictures of the band. Looked great! We hung around for the concert, and Abby & I danced in the middle of the sidewalk. Katy & Co. wanted to hit up 6 Flags still, so we headed out a little later than expected. I was a little sad that I wasn’t going to see Robert & Jack, who I always seem to run into at Pride and, as we waited to say “Bye” to Abby, Robert and Jack showed up! Yay! Robert’s looking pretty awesome.

With my Pride experience complete, we wandered out, and I ran into about half the soccer team (separately, not as a group.) And stopped for a little chat with them each. Meg was worried that we wouldn’t have enough players at the game (today), but we should have exactly 11 (I hope). Apparently, we don’t often play on Pride weekend: one team usually forfeits due to lack of players. It’s a $50 fine, so Meg just didn’t want it to be us, even if our game happens to be at the exact same time as the parade (boo!) It’s a game of chicken, really.

I have to say that when we moved here 5 years ago, I never expected to have an outing like this, where I knew someone at nearly every point on the trip. It makes me feel comfortable, like this is a good spot. And now, time to get ready for that soccer game.


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