Things. And Stuff!

I’ve been working way too much. And I feel like I have many half-written posts in my head that I will start one, then get distracted and start another. Or just think about starting another post. And nothing gets finished.

But things are happening here! Lots of things!

  • Last weekend, Dad came down and watched The Clash not lose our soccer game! I really liked that Dad was there, and I was really, really proud of the team. It was a 1-1 come-from-behind tie. Yeah!
  • I aired up our tires, put the chain back on TCB’s bike, and we biked around the neighborhood on Saturday. It was nice to get out and about together.
  • Sunday, Meghan came over and we had pumpkin day (soccer game had been canceled). We carved 2 pumpkins, then tried to slice up a white pumpkin for eating but the inside was growing, so we put it back together and I drew on it. Then, we went to the grocery for a pie pumpkin and made roasted pumpkin seeds and pumpkin muffins (with orange honey butter.) so much yum. We got another pumpkin, intending to make pumpkin fries to go with our ribs, but it was late by the time we were ready to cut it up, so that will wait until next weekend.
  • I blew the rear tire on my Schwinn Collegiate biking over to Meghan’s on Sunday (we had to get hummus.) I was going downhill, hit a small dip in the road, and POP! I though it was a gunshot, but quickly realized it was my rear tire. Will have to get a new tube.
  • Work’s settling down some. Still working a bunch, but it’s easier.
  • When preparing to go to a party on Saturday, I made popcorn (my usual dish for this party.) I put the popcorn in the microwave bowl thing, set the timer, and realized I’d added an extra minute when I smelled the charred popcorn/melted plastic. Certainly, there had been a fire in the microwave, contained in the bowl. The lid had melted, the popcorn was a black chunk, and it all smelled horrible. I took the mess outside, wiped down the microwave, and made 2 bags of regular microwave popcorn for the party. The next morning, the whole house reeked of burnt popcorn. I opened windows, burned candles, and got fans going. Mom suggested simmering vinegar, which I didn’t get to before Pumpkin Day started. Baking muffins seemed to help the most.

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