Election day!

Whoo, voting! I like voting, though my favorite method was with the giant machine in the booth. Today, I voted by touch screen. It was ok. Still definitely had the thrill of submitting my opinion via secret ballot, which is what I’m looking for on election day. Or in primaries.

Besides getting to vote, I also got my new glasses today! I picked them out while my eyes were fully dilated and I didn’t have my contacts in, so I’ve been worried that I picked out an unflattering pair. But when I got them, I liked them. Even if I did pick out a “men’s” pair.

New glasses day!

They’re a little wide. But I think they’re quite Clark Kent. And am disappointed that phone booths are on the way out. They’re also taking a little getting used to, I have so much more… glasses when I look down and to the sides.

1. New pair

2. Old pair

Need to do some more voting?


One thought on “Election day!

  1. In small town Idaho we voted the old-fashioned way — by paper ballots. The white ballot was for people, the pink was for Idaho legislative bills, and the green was for a non-partisan judge position. We needed our photo id to vote, but I personally know the three voting officials for our precinct anyway.

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