Squishy soccer

Tonight’s practice: squishy. The rain’s turned the field to mush. We practiced overlapping runs to the goal, and taking/receiving corner kicks. Georgia’s pretty good at coaching the long kick. I’m good with team stuff, and with individual passing skills, and with striking, but not with the long kick. Don’t quite understand it myself, so I can’t teach it. I think I should make tees from solo cups to try and figure it out.

But, with the time change this weekend, this might have been our last practice until spring season. I’m hoping that we can borrow some electricity from the pavilion at the park and power some lights that the captain owns.


One thought on “Squishy soccer

  1. Be glad it wasn’t the snow that’s supposed to be coming our way. Two words: multi maglights, or circle the headlights (all but one to jump the rest when practice is over)

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