Run run run!

This morning, TCB and I ran the Rom & Stomp 5k! It started waaay too early for the temperature, we were both slow to get out of bed, but I’m glad TCB wanted to leave for the race earlier than I did, because the suggested parking lot was packed by the time we parked & got our race numbers (the time we would have gotten there if we’d left when I wanted to.) TCB got to experience what happens when a race gives out numbers according to pre-registration alphabetical order: we were numbers 78 & 79 of 1000+. He thought it was weird to go to number bin #1, and jokingly accused me of being an overachieving signer-upper.

We ran. For me, it went well, with another sub-30-minute time (yay!) I surprised myself with a  9-minute first mile, so I slowed down for the rest, but I felt pretty awesome getting that. TCB finished a good 10 minutes before I thought he would, only 10 minutes behind me, and I was really proud of him for running so much of the race. (I met him at 3 miles and re-ran the last .1 mile with him.) We grabbed some water (the bananas and sports drinks ran out as we walked up to the un-supervised boxes), and headed home for showers and breakfast.

Since our race entries included spoons for the chili cook-off and the chili started at noon, we headed over at 1. It took a while to find a parking spot. And so, we arrived just as the chili ran out. It was a little relief to me, since I didn’t have to quiz anyone about ingredients. Instead of hitting up the chili, we hit up the arts festival, since I’d scoped out the artists I knew would be there (and their etsy stores, if applicable), and knew that I wanted to buy something from a particular artist (her name escapes me at the moment.) So, I got some earrings and we headed over to Milltown Tavern for a beer (and use our buy-one-get-one-free pint coupons included in our race packets.) Really the best race-packet inclusion ever. It was really fun to spend the afternoon having a couple pints with my husband and just chill out. And talk. And not have other distractions available, like work. And figure out plans for the next busy week ahead.

Though our day started really early and we spent it mostly out of the house, I felt like we got more accomplished than usual.

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