New toy

When Angus killed his Lil’ Buddy, he tore a hole near the squeaker, so we took that out before he gutted the toy. The toy died, but the squeaker hung around.

Saturday, I held the squeaker behind my back and squeaked it. Angus was very interested until I showed him the source of the noise and he… did not want a naked squeaker. He shied away from it when it got near him, as though saying, “Nooo… I don’t think I want that.”

So I went to the basement and got one of his “new” toys: a mailman, same variety as Lil’ Buddy. (I stocked up when PetsMart had nearly everything on clearance before remodeling.) I hid them both behind my back and squeaked them alternately, but only brought out the naked squeaker when Angus started nosing my elbows. And he turned his head and blinked, avoiding directly looking at the guts of his departed favorite toy.

When I brought out the new toy… if Angus could speak, he would have said, “YAY!” His face and playing sure said it. The Mailman: new favorite toy.


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