Things to Do

As we prepare for guests to arrive on Thursday and Practice Thanksgiving on Friday, my to-do list keeps getting longer. I realized yesterday that because TCB and I are going to an event tomorrow night, our priorities have more order: Get ready for guests tonight, and, uh, do everything else tonight, since the turkey will need to thaw and the bread needs to dry out and no matter what we do, there won’t be enough kitchen towels because they all get sucked up into a void 10 minutes before the party. Unless I get a duck instead of a turkey. And then it doesn’t need to thaw, because I’ll be buying that un-thawed on Friday. And one towel will get left in the oven. I don’t know why, it just will.

I’m not making a whole lot for PT, and I’ve already picked my recipes and compiled my shopping list, but these things have to get done:

  • Wash our sheets
  • Wash guest sheets
  • Put duvet in duvet cover
  • Wash blankets that had been on our bed
  • Make guest bed(s) with clean sheets/blankets
  • Shove the “for Goodwill” pile in the basement under the blankets covering it. Alternatively: take stuff to Goodwill
  • Wash towels and bathrugs
  • Mop bathrooms
  • Clean bathrooms
  • Bar Angus from entering clean bathrooms
  • Get recycling out
  • Organize fabric in guest room
  • Put away organized fabric
  • Shove the rest of the fabric in the closet
  • Make cards to label dishes
  • Bake bread/cornbread
  • Borrow silverware
  • Combine coupon piles
  • Go grocery shopping
  • Vacuum
  • Mop
  • Brush Angus
  • Vacuum again
  • Repair kitchen table
  • Do my own laundry
  • Iron tablecloths (optional?)
  • Move Crax Tower to basement
  • Shovel off tables
  • Rearrange furniture
  • Find chairs
  • Borrow chairs

I’m not terribly worried about getting everything done, just… overwhelmed with the amount of things on the list? Not really overwhelmed, though, just aware that many things have to happen, and not all of them may get done. And that’s ok. It’s just practice, after all.


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